Pret A Manger Natalie Bennett

Hurtling towards next Thursday’s seven-way TV debates — undoubtedly the Green’s biggest ever set piece — with a massively elevated public profile, party supporters might be forgiven for questioning the wisdom of leader Natalie Bennett doing debate prep in the middle of a busy fast food restaurant in Zone 1.

But that’s precisely what a Scrapbook source spied Bennett and an aide doing yesterday at a Pret A Manger just yards from the party’s Old Street HQ. Discussions at the meeting shortly before 6pm included:

  • Bennett asking whether she was allowed to bring a folder of notes to her lectern
  • Advice from the unknown male adviser to ignore the ‘magnetic pull’ of barbed exchanges and to concentrate on delivering core Green messages by ‘imagining she was in a bubble’.
  • Bennett, in what may have been a response to a hypothetical ‘debate question’, stated that the question of involvement in a coalition would not arise owing to the near-impossible feat of returning more than one MP

These exchanges took place within earshot of at least eight complete strangers.

This won’t help mutterings about her competence.

  1. Dave Plummer says:

    So? It’s hardly a leak of major campaign strategy or anything.

    I’m more concerned that they were in a tax-avoiding, indie crushing Pret.

  2. Is this really the best political scrapbook can do to undermine us 6 weeks before an election? I’m almost disappointed!

    No need for PS to break a sweat when you’re doing a bang-up job yourselves.

  3. I was there. Firstly there were definitely not 8 people within earshot of her conversation. But sitting at the next table the conversation didn’t include any aspects of policy or strategy the Greens would be embarrassed about. Bit of a non – story really.

  4. Is it inefficient to discuss work over lunch or coffee in a public place? In that case I’m a massive fail. Meeting in public places to discuss work is standard for lots of us.

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