Embattled Tory chairman Grant Shapps has become such a liability that his party have pulled him from a high-profile media appearance. Shapps was billed to appear on BBC Three’s youth discussion programme Free Speech, which promised an “unscripted hour of tough and uncensored questions”.

Grant Shapps billed to appear on Free Speech programme

The programme listing was updated this morning to show that Shapps has been replaced by junior minister Sam Gyimah. And while CCHQ claim they raised “diary problems” with the BBC on 13 March, this happened to be one day after Guardian hack Randeep Ramesh put allegations to Shapps that he had repeatedly lied about his second job as an internet marketer.

Ironically enough, the strapline for the edition was “I’m a Conservative, ask me anything”.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    If this kind of thing keeps happening, I’m going to run out of cockwombling fuckwit awards to give out.

  2. Maybe they could get Michael Green or Seb Fox, instead? I’m sure the audience would never know the difference.

  3. That makes perfect sense. It must be very difficult to organise his diary when he has that other job that he doesn’t have.

  4. Another one running scared.
    However why did BBC 3 feel it was right to have three Tories on to defend Tory policies ?
    The previous week Ed Militant faced the audience on his own. Seems like it was a case of safety in numbers. As it was the young audience gave the Tories a rough ride, well done.

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