Grant Shapps in his plane

Excerpts from the most cringeworthy Grant Shapps website yet uncovered can tonight be exclusively re-published by Political Scrapbook. Promoting a get-rich-quick guide entitled How To Become Stinking Filthy Rich Online’, the Tory chairman made a series of toe-curling boasts about his own wealth — while posing for pictures in his convertible sports car and private plane.

Operating under his pseudonym Michael Green to plug a ‘toolkit’ which ‘should rightfully sell for $100,000’, the internet marketer claimed in August 2004 — just nine months before he would become an MP:

“you will still have spotted the photographs which provide iron-clad proof that my online marketing principles work!  Go ahead and put yourself in my shoes. I’m practically handing you the opportunity to enjoy my kind of lifestyle on a plate!

Grant Shapps showing off in sports car for 'How To Get Filthy Stinking Rich Online'

The website — which was hosted at — provides scant details of the actual product being sold before launching into a series of ridiculous boasts about Shapps “lifestyle”. His car even has a fridge in it.

Grant Shapps stinking rich

Grant Shapps stinking rich

While we all get to have a good laugh, things are getting serious for Shapps:

He is now facing legal action from a constituent who he threatened to sue after his ‘Michael Green’ pseudonym was referenced on Facebook.

  1. I would be very interested to see Shapps demonstrate that all or most of that money came from his online marketing business rather than from his much older and much more conventional print and design business Printhouse Corporation where Shapps was a director from 1997 to 2009.

  2. My Real Name is Barbara says:

    Kind of like the Tory party and their get rich quick in the property market enabled by their usage of taxpayers money, no doubt Mr Green thought much of them up.

    This really should be plastered all over the front pages of the press, ths is the man who is running the Tory party election campaign.

  3. Hilarious misappropriation of US English by Shapps. He assumes ‘pocketbook’ means ‘wallet’. It means ‘handbag’.

  4. Does anybody know if he actually owns these cars, plane and the house?

    And what is the actual source of any wealth that he might actually have? Is it due to an inheritance or just web scamming

  5. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    The main stream media are hand-in-trousers with the Tory party, for the most part and the BBC has the Sword of Damocles (license fee ‘reform’) hanging over it constantly under these spivs, so won’t want to rock the boat either.

    I don’t expect any MSM converage until after the election, when of course they will all be impotently shocked and no doubt Shapps will become persona non-grata for a few years before he quietly slips back into the Tory/UKIP coalition government with a peerage under his belt.

  6. I do love criticism of the “MSM” from people who never read the “MSM”. Dear “Angelo”, if you are such an expert in the “MSM” why are you not aware that this story has been covered in all major newspapers in some detail?

  7. A Chrysler Crossfire? A Godawful cheapskate sorry-arsed bottom end excuse for a car and certainly no motor to boast of owning. The man’s patently a buffoon.

  8. Chrysler Crossfire? Oh dear.

    And the Grand Voyager is even worse. Badly designed, poorly put together and with an appalling reputation for safety? If I were some sort of political commmentator, there’d be some sort of parallel I could draw here…

  9. Without a shadow of doubt the financial dealings of this character Shapps, or whichever other name he hides behind, needs to be thoroughly investigated by the Fraud Squad.

  10. Watching The Watchers says:

    Surely he should be investigated to establish if all his claims are true. If the claims are untrue and people have sent him money for his secret of how to become “Stinking Rich” should he not be prosecuted?

  11. Never mind Cameron and the leadership, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

    Did he actually own a plane, and is that actually his house? And does he still own the shit cars?

  12. Peter Robinson says:

    See more of the story here, and spread theses links around so that searches on Shapps show what a total spiv and liar he is:

    By the way Shapps, I bet you read these blogs because an egotistical shit like you probably can’t resist googling yourself, you are total scum [EDIT]. Also shows what awful judgement your pal Cameron has in allowing a spiv conman like you to be Chairman of the Conservative party, but then I guess spivs are welcome.

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