Grant Shapps and the Met Police

Tory chairman Grant Shapps could be facing a truly existential threat to his political career — with the emergence of a recording in which he completely contradicts his repeated denials about working as an ‘internet marketer’ after entering parliament in 2005.

In a podcast with ‘Michael Green’ obtained by The Guardian, Shapps states that the recording was made “in the Summer of 2006” — more than a year after he claimed to have stopped such activities:

The Tory spin that Shapps simply misspoke “during the cut and thrust of an interview” doesn’t pass muster. As Scrapbook revealed last November, Shapps actually used his lawyers to bully one of his own constituents into issuing an apology after they called him a liar in relation to the ‘Michael Green’ pseudonym. The statement references the use of the Green name “prior to his entering parliament”:

Dean Charles Archer Shapps apology

If lying in media interviews and using the threat of legal action to force a constituent to issue a misleading statement is serious — one wonders what exactly Shapps told the police about his work for his family company, whose dodgy Google-manipulating software was subject to an investigation which concluded its sale may have constituted “an offence of fraud”.

Shapps had stood down as a director of How To Corp Ltd in July 2008, passing his shareholding in the company to his wife Belinda. This is two years before the Traffic Paymaster software was made available for sale in 2010 and three years before the domain was registered by ‘Michael Green’.

So did Shapps tell the police — either in an interview or via his lawyers — that he had no connection with the software being investigated because he stopped working for the company when he became an MP?

  1. politicalscrapbookisshite says:

    No one gives a shit.

    There are real stories out there that you’re too lazy or stupid to cover.

    Off to Guido.

  2. politicalscrapbookisshite – No one gives a shit? Your knowledge of the political arena astounds me. Mind you, if you’re going to read Guido, then you really must not give a shit about politics.

    I’d carry on insulting you but I’m sure your village is lost without it’s idiot.

  3. He’s got to go, I’ve got no problem with accidental rule breaking by not declaring something so long as person in question hold their hands up and admits it and apologises about it . The problem with Shapps is the lying and its not a one off, he has consistently lied about it for years. If David Cameron had an ounce of integrity, he’d of been sacked by now.

  4. “No ifs and no buts” grant Shapps has to go and after his car crash interview on the Daily Politics show last Wednesday, my guess is that he will indeed go. If he doesn’t then more may come out closer to the election.

    Who brought all this out again? Is he a ‘sacrificial spring lamb’ as Cameron seeks to fend off the damage he has done to himself as #ChickenDave and the TV debates debacle?

  5. Jonathan Wilson says:

    He’s still to admit to Sebastian Fox… I reckon in about 2 more years it will be “oops, it was me after all.”

    Seriously what a C**kwomblingF**kwit.

  6. mrbb et al.
    I suspect the commenter ‘politcalscrapbookiishite’ is worried he may no longer have the village idiot post after May as he`s clearly over-qualified for it

  7. Let us not forget that this is the man who questions the experience of other politicians in “business”. If this is not a dodgy Internet business then I don’t know what is. How he can use his experience in it to slur someone who went to Harvard is mind-boggling.

  8. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    So it’s back to the backbenches for Mr Green, or preferably Wormwood Scrubs.

    So typical of the Tory Lie Machine to try and pass off lies as “cut and thrust”. They have to I assume or suffer a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

  9. Bill Chapman says:

    If Granty Shapps were a decent and honourable man he would resign. There is no place for a man like this in public life.

  10. Hey Look… the same people who silenced Archer when he told the truth about Shapps are here doing the same.

    Doesn’t matter it’s all over the news now boys. Back to selling fraudulent software trying to spoof Google the lot of you.

  11. EppingBlogger says:

    It seems to me we need better MPs and it would be a good start if they knew the fdifference between truth and untruth.

  12. No offence ukip-tory troll army. Fuck guido.

    You’re all being exposed for the shills you all are. Shill army from the top down.

  13. Oh dear, now you’re just looking desperate PS. So an investigation concluded it “may” have constituted fraud but, clearly, the CPS took a different view.
    On the wider topic of second jobs for MPs, I wish more of them had second jobs. Being a backbencher is definitely not a full-time job and some experience of the real world would certainly not do Ed Miliband, to take just one example, any harm. Their MP’s salary should be abated by the amount of their outside earnings but, otherwise, let’s see them doing some real work.

  14. Guido has about ten times the visitors, ten times the exposure, ten times the stories, ten times the facts, and ten times the earnings of this union-funded site masquerading as a political news blog.

  15. “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”

    ― Albert Einstein

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