Universal Credit is like Fight Club

Jobcentre staff are keeping desperate claimants in the dark about same-day advance payments of Universal Credit — because it costs the DWP £6 process the transfer.

An undercover reporter for Channel 4 Dispatches — posing as a trainee — was also told not to tell claimants about the Flexible Support Fund, used to cover jobseekers’ interview travel costs and childcare:

“If we did, everybody would want one … so we don’t talk about it.

“It’s a bit like Fight Club — we don’t discuss what happens in Fight Club.

These are the people supposed to be supporting claimants through difficult times.

  1. Well there you go! Why am I not surprised
    I do hope that cretin IDS is proud of himself Why? because the job centre staff wouldn’t be doing this without at least his or his staffs with either their overt or tacit consent & I suspect the former.
    People are dying because of this fiasco yet IDS doesn’t give a stuff

  2. Alan Thomas says:

    Let’s make politics more like Fight Club instead. We could start with a bout where IDS wrestles an alligator.

  3. I would happily fight this cretin – along with cameron clegg and osborne – all at the same time. No danger of any of them tripping over their bollocks.

  4. mick gillon says:

    This will be good I have an appointment tomorrow to see if I can get help with travel expenses to a interview in Glasgow and to purchase passport photos which will coat afiver at least

  5. Nothing has changed in the 45 years since I read a piece in the Sunday Times magazine which revealed that Social Security visitors had been told not to inform clients about Additional Payments. I may have gotten the name of the payment wrong, but basically it was a payment to cover costs which couldn’t be met out of the weekly supplementary benefit and covered everything from lino to shoes to bus fares for job interviews.
    The only surprising thing is that I’m not surprised.

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