Iain Duncan Smith laughing

Iain Duncan Smith has slammed Ed Balls for suggesting tradesmen should supply a receipt when accepting cash payments:

“Here we have a man that would be the Chancellor who is wandering around saying Big Brother is going to watch you carefully that if you do any tax transactions and don’t keep receipts, somehow they’re going to punish you. I find that absurd.

Scrapbook wonders what the Quiet Man® has got against receipts. After all, how else did he attempt to claim for the following items on his MPs’ expenses — all of which were rejected:

  • £39 for one breakfast
  • A £9 cocktail
  • Even a mini bar bill

Shall we bring back the receipt-free £400 monthly food allowance?

  1. Jeffery Davies says:

    Rtu ids isnt a man he’s just another abuser of those who dont need abuse but help but thats he’s made a mockery of it all just so that
    the private companies they so like swindle more from the tax payers and
    his party and cronies get backhanders and jobs isnt life strange when devil’s like this tell us we never had it so good while quietly culling the stock be afraid if you working claiming a benefit for hes coming for you next in his quest to stop the benefits system jeff3

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