Nick Clegg in shadow

With supporters of Nick Clegg saying loudly that a damaging poll in his constituency does not take into account past voting intention, a re-weighting of the Survation/Unite survey data by Scrapbook suggests he is still trailing Labour by three points.

Challenged on his LBC show the Lib Dem leader blustered:

“This poll is such utter, utter bilge

The 10-point lead for Labour briefed to the press (33%/23%) is based on Question 3, Table 5:

Q3. Normal weightings, likelihood to vote, with undecided and refused removed: “Let’s say the General Election was tomorrow. Which party would you vote for in your Sheffield Hallam constituency?” Base: Likely to vote

Including undecided and voters who refuse to answer (Table 4) improves Clegg’s lot but he is still behind 24 points to 17. And even an ICM-style re-weighting of these figures to take account of past voting behaviour as advocated by his outriders — won’t save him, leaving him trailing by three points (25%/22%).

Re-weighting of Survation Sheffield Hallam poll

Lord Ashcroft’s 20-22 November poll of Sheffield Hallam with historic re-allocations and a similar prompt (see Table 10) gave Clegg a three-point lead of 31% to 28% — suggesting a significant slippage for the DPM in just two months:

Q3. “And thinking specifically about your own constituency and the candidates who are likely to stand there, which party’s candidate do you think you will vote for in your own constituency at the next general election?”

Clegg supporters like Mark Pack and the team at Lib Dem Voice — who ran a co-ordinated rebuttal operation when ICM changed their methodology to suit Lord Oakeshott’s attempted putsch last May — are curiously silent today.

The answer is because they know the Clegger could be in serious trouble in his own back yard.

  1. Getting rid of such a traitor to the British people can only be a good thing. Clegg, you enabled Cameron, Osborne, May, Duncan-Smith and Hague to trash the UK in five short years, just for a sniff of power and self-importance. You’ll never be forgiven so give up on it.

  2. I agree Mike. Personally, I will never ever forgive the Liberal Democrats for their treachery in supporting the Tories to get their Health and Social Care bill into an Act. If we do not have a change of government come next May then we are going to lose the NHS and Clegg and the rest of the treacherous power hungry Lib Dems will have facilitated it.

  3. Chris Batchelor says:

    We’ve been working our socks off for over 18 months to get this far. If you can help, or encourage us with a donation, google BetterforSheffield.

  4. Agreed with every word you said, Mike. The snivelling little git will still end up with some cushy job in Europe though. I think he should be forced to work in a Foodbank, a hospital A&E or for UCAS for a period so he can truly appreciate what he has done in propping up this bunch of ideological posh boys who have spent five years decimating this country.

  5. Did they not say the poll was actually wrong and it’s not a 10 point lead but in fact a 3 point lead , they mare an error of counting the error or some other rot.

    I’m all for Clegg getting the sack but the fact is what ever he’s been offered by the Tories will mean he will get something out of this a seat in the house of Lords look likely or a life time in the EU in Brussels .

    These people always have something lined up for loyalty.

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