Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg

With less than 100 days to go until the general election, UKIP have selected candidates in 80 more constituencies than the Liberal Democrats — a figure which rises to 130 if you include candidates adopted by Kippers at local meetings but not yet confirmed by their party’s NEC.

While the Liberals’ current tally marks significant progress from the turn of the year — when they had secured a named candidate in less than half the 631 seats outside Northern Ireland — figures compiled by Scrapbook are yet another measure suggesting the party is in danger of becoming merely one of a cohort of smaller parties chasing the ‘big two’:

  • Liberal Democrats: 382 seats selected, 60% of target
  • UKIP: 462 seats selected, 73% of target
  • The Green parties in Scotland, England and Wales: 348 seats selected

Briefing the Guardian last month, the yellow peril “denied that the [selection] figures showed a drop in party morale or a sign of lack of enthusiasm.”

So why are top brass parachuting candidates into constituencies whose rudimentary local party structure has collapsed even since the middle of this parliament?

  1. Demetrius Skortou says:

    I will be voting UKIP at the General Election in May.

    Are UKIP going to also implement the following polices if they win the Election or, if they gain some balance of power?

    1. A British or English written constitution?

    2. Election of judges/magistrates & every member of our upper chamber (House of Lords)?

    3. No more spending on; Nuclear Weapons, no more actual cash for Overseas aid or benefit hand outs to any more migrants/refuges, including wasting $60 billion on quangos, bailing out; Eurozone countries; Portugal, Greece, Spain…etc?

    UKIP could save £100 billion pounds wasted, every year, if tax payers money wasn’t thrown away on useless, wasteful & counter-productive things as well as the removal of these 11,000 foreign prisoners, wind farms, electricity pylons that blight our beautiful English countryside and the removal of 1.4 million illegal migrants.

    Could I also suggest for the first time in about 80 years, that, UKIP introduce a Digital National Insurance numbering system, which would also save billions of pounds to the British taxpayers?

    The old NI numbering system is still analogue and has been used by individuals & gangs to defraud the DHSS, for many years now.

    The introduction of a type of Digital National identity card could be introduced into the system.

    The digital NI card would have an individuals NI number displayed on its front, and, genetic fingerprints of the card holder, contained inside the cards microchip?

    Introducing a N.I Digital Card numbering system, would make it almost impossible for any one to obtain benefits unlawfully and thus save the British taxpayers millions, perhaps billions a year, in lost revenue?

    I cannot understand why we have to wait for up to 3 years before we get this in/out referendum on the EU?

    An in/out referendum should be brought forward for this year, 2015.

    Good luck to UKIP, in the General Election in May!!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Demetrius Skortou

  2. Demetrious, the British/English constitution is already there in our common law heritage. It doesn’t need codifying by a bunch of politicians or state sponsored beaurocrats

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