Defence minister and Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry (majority 389) is attempting to charge businesses in her area for “meeting” her Treasury counterpart Priti Patel at an event on the evening of Thursday 26 March:

“Priti wants to hear your questions and comments on how the Government can continue to do the right thing by business.”

But Scrapbook can’t help wondering what the utility of this information will be — given that parliament will have finished sitting earlier that day and will be officially dissolved at midnight the following Monday.

Priti Patel Anna Soubry event

The evening meeting takes place in a local restaurant and is curiously billed as “not a party political event”. The cost is £25 for a buffet.

So where is the money going, exactly?

  1. As a sole trader in Broxtowe, I have applied to join and asked in my application email where the £25 is going. Her campaign stinks of desperation right now: she is very unpopular in the two main conurbations here and even her own fellow Tory candidates in the concurrent Borough election have spoke of hoping to see her go. She has done a pretty wonderful job at alienating her constituents, slagging off the town, insulting people who see her at surgery, lying about the workers at the local Royal Mail sorting office (all for privatisation, apparently). She’s even had her partner send me threatening legal letters demanding £1,500 + for claims I refused to refute. They quietly dropped the threat once I pointed out it’s silliness. She is a godawful MP and we will be chuffed to bits when she gets out this Borough and skulk round Rushcliffe waiting to Ken Clarke to do one.

  2. What a load of tosh Matt Gould! Haveli is a restaurant. The £25 is for a meal there and a bargain at that. Anna Soubry is gaining in popularity daily as she speaks up for residents and businesses who continue to suffer the tramworks. But it wouldn’t suit you to acknowledge that in your little left wing rag would it?

  3. I eat at Haveli regularly and a three course meal doesn’t cost that much, let alone a buffet. Unless Haveli is charging an especially expensive rate for this Tory publicity event, it is definitely a fundraiser. I bet if I went to Haveli and asked them for a price for an event with a buffet I wouldn’t get quoted £25 per head.

  4. For an event billed as hearing from business the timing is at best somewhat odd. Looks more like a political event. I have been in despair at the way some Broxtowe Conservatives have disparaged the efforts of local business leaders who have been trying to promote and develop our local area. Though in fairness there is probably little the Government or Priti Patel could have done to stop them doing this.

  5. kirsty phillips says:

    I have never been but a quick Google shows me exactly where the money is going. ….its a restaurant not soup kitchen. Stop looking so desperate to discredit it’s screams toddler having tantrums for attention . I not a political person i look at what someone has done rather than what party they represent. I do not agree with everything she has said but Anna has tried to help residents what have u done …….

  6. It is expensive but I see no proof of it being a political fundraiser as the the restaurant is… errr… very expensive. We have eaten there a few times but only on special occasions. It usually comes to at least £50 a head including drinks for a feed but is extremely good quality – the decor, traditional dress, music and flaming platters are a feast for all the senses.

  7. “So where is the money going exactly?”

    Perhaps the strangely anonymous author of this piece should learn to read. It says very clearly that the money is for a buffet. And if you know anything about the prices at Haveli, £25 is an absolute bargain.

    Teresa Cullen, you’re either just trolling for the hell of it, or you’ve clearly never eaten there in your life if you think you can get a three course meal for less than £25, given that the average starter is £8, the average main is £16 and a portion of pilau rice costs £4. Even the cheapest starter and cheapest vegetable curry with plain boiled rice comes to £24 and that’s before any naan, side dishes, poppadums, drinks or dessert.

    Teresa, perhaps you could show us the magical maths that means you could eat a three course meal for less than £25 please? Thanks.

  8. matt what a load of rubbish, firstly i can assure you anna soubre is a very good and popular MP who will no doubt increase her majority considerably in may, all these type of events come at a small charge and considering theres a buffet too , for anyone really intrested in going 25.00 is peanuts, i have to wonder why your complaining considering you wouldnt be intrested in going anyway, as usual everybody with a keyboard feels they can critisise at will and be generaly rude, sometimes its better to be silent than winge for no good reason

  9. I’m a local business owner & always voted labour up to the last election. Regardless of national politics, I could only vote for Anna Soubry now. Wonderful MP. I cannot agree with anything Matt Goold has written & only hope previous labour voters like myself will see the good work she does on behalf of locals & increase her majority.

  10. Quite clearly Teresa has no idea about businesses in her local area, me and my wife regularly use Haveli and i can assure you a meal costs well over £25… you would be lucky if your drinks bill is less than this.


  11. What a bizarre back-and-forth this exchange has turned into – get a grip kids

    The point is not how much a 3 course meal costs at this restaurant. The point is that whether you’ve made other plans for dinner or not, if you pay £25 you can buy a place at this “non-political” schmoozing event attended by high ranking figures in the ruling party, and as such it fully deserves to be slated unless there is an equivalent event where no fee is payable at all.

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