Tory Facebook invoice September 2014

Following Scrapbook’s lead in revealing the Conservative Party’s enormous spending on Facebook (£114,000 last November), the BBC have got hold of the invoice for period covering the Clacton by-election: £122,000.

Ross Hawkins reports:

“An invoice from Facebook for November 2014 emerged last month [on Scrapbook]. The cost then was £114,956. Taken together they suggest the Conservatives are spending over £1m a year on one website alone.

Ironically, only one line item on each invoice in official campaign submissions actually applied to the Rochester and Clacton by-elections, so the £1m figure needn’t have emerged during the election campaign. Presumably the Tories will be properly redacting Facebook invoices from now on.

The Today programme:

This eye-watering sum amounts to just 5% of the amount that the country’s wealthiest fund managers have donated to the Conservatives.

  1. Good to hear the BBC are finally catching up three months too late. Cameron wasn’t elected five years ago and he sure as hell won’t be in May now he has a similar social inadequate public schoolboy competing for his votes…

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