Malcolm Rifkind

So Malcolm Rifkind has fallen on his sword, with plotting by local Tories playing no small role. Seditious members of Kensington Conservative Association were aided by the timing of the following:

  • Kensington Conservative Association AGM is on Thursday
  • The Conservative group on Kensington and Chelsea borough meets on Monday

Having been suspended from the party, Rifkind wouldn’t even have been able to attend the AGM to defend himselfScrapbook hears the former foreign secretary was not confident that he could survive these two dates with enough political credibility intact.

This week’s lobbying sting had provided a focus to persistent grumbling from local Tories about Riffers’ level of interest in the constituency in general and the Conservative Association in particular.

His confidence may have been further damaged by the prospective election as association chair this week of Cllr Julie Mills — a figure thought to be extremely unsympathetic to his plight.

Ironically, Rifkind is rumoured to have clung on to the West London seat to stop Boris getting it.

  1. Thank god Blair was not like this. or Mandy or Prescott or all the others, dam it they are all Tories labour is safe. Well nope Blunkett was just behind Brown who was tops at £1 million quid all for Charity of course, run by him his wife his brother and few friends.

    This is end of the greed expect for the loop holes of course like writing articles for the Tory press.

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