Iain Duncan Smith at Nelson jobcentre

With Iain Duncan Smith touring the Potemkin Village jobcentres actually delivering Universal Credit last week, DWP spinners may regret inviting the local press — after a member of staff told the work and pensions secretary to his face that his flagship initiative was hamstrung by “regular glitches” and “poor communication” from officials.

The trip went off-message on a visit to Nelson jobcentre in East Lancashire, described by IDS as ‘small but perfectly formed’ — a poignant description given the difficulties in scaling the new benefit when you’ve been forced to write off at least £140 million of IT.

The North West embarrassment comes after an internal DWP memo entitled “Ideas please: Sinking” was leaked to Channel 4 Dispatches amid reports that backlogs were growing at the handful of centres operating the scheme.

And to top it off, he turned up 70 minutes late. But at least he had an excuse to hand:

“Arbitrary dates and deadlines are the enemy of secure delivery.”

  1. I’m so glad this is getting an airing. The vast majority of DWP staff despise that man and his cruel policies, and know that UC is a colossal, expensive white elephant.

  2. what a nasty vile exuse of a man ids is!! i hope with all my heart when he gets sacked they take him to the human rights courts!! that man has caused so many deaths and not been charged its unbelievable him and ester mcvile are a disgrace to humanity!!

  3. So pleased to read this,my late husband came from Nelson and they are not frightened of opening their month’s. I was surprised that noone had challenged this delusional man and tell him the truth. More people need to see this can I share or not??

  4. I would like to think that poor young civil servant’s integrity is noticed by someone in a position to give him a job where that integrity is worth something. I am sure that the majority of DWP staff have similar integrity, but are too cowed by an oppressive and threatening system to dare speak out. Good luck to him!

    As for whether IDS can continue to deny the truth staring him in the face…well, yes he can. He has denied far greater truths from people he is far more likely to respect than a mere (from his point of view) underling, and he manages to insulate himself from reality there, too.

    There is no hope for IDS seeing the error of his ways and changing: he’s an ideologue, pure and simple, and he’s there to do a job – to create an underclass. He’s doing just fine, and he knows it.

  5. The truth is out there – IDS is a liar and sacrificial goat – he`is the the one that make the history books as the one that arranged the suicides/deaths of many UK citizens – all we have to do is make sure he is voted out and that his name never appears on the honours lists – ever.

  6. The young man showed refreshing initiative and honesty. IDS is a clueless, arrogant twat. He thinks a ‘struggle’ is doing up one’s trousers after a Bullington Club dinner, he’s never lived in the real world. The sooner we are rid of him and his money-grabbing, tax-avoiding cronies the better.

  7. Unhappy at Tory Bastards says:

    I think everything the tories (ie posh spoilt twats) should stop destroying this country with the bullshit they bring in as each initiative they bring in which is meant to help people only ends up helping there multi millionaire bullshit life if they wanna do something right scrap ministers expenses you earn more in a year than we do in a lifetime also scrap tax for low income families maybe then we would care about these wankers in Westminster

  8. You can’t keep getting away with Iain Duncan Smith you have blood on your hands you vile excuse of man and you know this so called universal credit is not working. I hope you lose your seat in the next election I do not like your behaviour towards people have a genuine disability or illness. Go after those who fake a disability YOU BLOODY MURDERING SCUM

  9. I hope Iain duncan smith gets every cancer going vile vile nasty cretin i go to sleep wishing every Illness on that thing every single night!!

  10. This shower of shit we have in power at the moment are not helping the long term ill at all, they could not give a shit about them, it’s a case of keep them out of the way just as maggie thatchit used to be,she did’nt care either. I think gordon brown genuinely cared but, he could see that his economic programme was not working and he then gave up his position. So if you want a fairer society where disabled people are looked after properly and the elderly cared for properly and free school meals and these FUCKING sanctions STOPPED vote LABOUR IN MAY THIS YEAR AND BOOT THESE TOFFY NOSED PONCES OUT,THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT GIVING TO THE RICH AND TAKING AWAY FROM THE MAN IN THE STREET AND THE SICK AND DISABLED, NOT FUCKIN ON ANYMORE.

  11. Oh dear, the poor little socialists getting all uptight over benefits again. Slash them all to £200 a week max. Bet they find jobs soon enough then.

  12. Another UC staffer says:

    The Jobcentres don’t feel it yet like the Service Centres do. It is a total mess with a rubbish set of IT systems and even more rubbish training. It is demoralising to be set endless streams of tasks that we are not trained to deal with and that make no sense to us. It has all got to be as bad as it is because of various managers kissing IDS’s backside and saying that everything worked when it quite plainly didn’t. And it still doesn’t. When one of the systems goes down, it isn’t for a wee break. It is for three days, leaving us thousands of tasks behind with work we can’t get our heads around. Staff crying at their desks is not uncommon and I heard someone in the ladies loudly throwing up this morning.

    It is the emperors new clothes at huge expense. And as it rolls out it is just going to get a lot worse.

  13. What that young man said needed to be said and I respect him not only for his candidness, but, also, for having the courage to say it.

  14. jp…….thats far too quick. needs something thats 1. disfiguring. 2. excruciatingly painful, 3. very debilitating leaving him with no physical or mental abilities to do any more harm to one more person……… sorry God, i know we are meant to love our brothers n sisters ,and i do… that is why i feel so angry over this terribly vile creature calling himself human.

  15. Ian Ryland what a wonderfully idealistic view. I could waste my time explaining the reason for my comment but I am sure someone of your intellect would struggle to comprehend.

  16. Well done that young man! He speaks for thousands of civil servants who are just to bloody scared to tell the truth to IDS’s face. If more people stood up to his bullying then maybe less people will die. He may lose his job (he probably will), but he told the truth and IDS won’t like that. He BELIEVES that everyone should cow-tow to him and do his bidding, as well as people should SEE he is right and that his word is law.
    I have said all along that people are stronger than him if they pull together, we could have had this coalition out long ago if we hadn’t just sat on our erses and let all of this happen!

  17. @Ian Rylands. I think most people would be lucky to get anywhere near £200 a week. A little research perhaps…..

  18. keir faulkner says:

    The problem I have with this nasty piece of work is that when confronted with the effects of his policies he just sneers and laughs at those that . Infact he is so uncareing or even fails to turn up to hear criticsm of them. The nastier the talk about him the more cheerful or happier he will be he is that sick in the head. The fact he turned up over an hour late indicates his utter contempt for those who dare to condemn him. If he was not in politics he would probably be working in an unregistered slaughterhouse.

  19. Ian you show just what little grasp you have of benefits JSA pays. £74 per week and most job seekers get this. Although some with families may receive means tested benefits such as housing. Most benefits are paid to those in work and benefit fraud amounts to 0.7% of the budget. The biggest recipient of benefits are pensioners with over 60% of the budget paid in state pensions a further 15% goes to the disabled and again total fraud is around 0.5% of that bill.
    The fraud is of course dwarfed by estimates of 30bn in tax evasion avoidance and 2.5bn per annum goes unclaimed by people who have a right to benefits but choose not to do so

  20. he’ll lose his post at some stage, they will give him a huge pay off as well, isn’t that what generally happens to these fecks who go wrong!!

    they never pay for their crimes against humanity, they just get paid for comiting them

  21. I’ve all know that there are people who are fiddling the benefit system and like a lot of people I feel that they should be stopped but I would like to know how much is the cost of chasing the benefit cheers and how much is recouped and compair that with the amount spent chasing tax avoiders I am sure the differential is a no brainer because if they had a person with integrity like this young man he may be speaking out about people close to Westminster who are doing creative accounting

  22. Another UC staffer says:

    Visits from high ups usually mean the same well rehearsed brown nosers are wheeled out to sing the same old fake happy song about UC. I bet IDS saw his arse about that afterwards. Upper managers tend to if they don’t get happy clappy staff groups.

    If the member of staff was asked a direct question and he gave an honest polite answer, he should be ok. It really depends on what was expected of him by his managers as to what will happen. The whole Jobcentre may think it is an expensive farce.

    What is scary is that these vicious Tory bastards are rolling out UC to every Jobcentre before the general election, in the hope that it will be irreversible.

  23. IDS has only himself to blame with so many deaths of the sick and disabled caused by negligence and with the way like most middle eastern leaders is in constant denial of such deaths

    Its a pity that all these types of world leaders and IDS don’t live together in just one country leaving the rest of the world peaceful instead of as now with a world completely corrupt

  24. When this horrible excuse of a human being is kicked out in May he should be charged with causing unnecssesary harm and cruelty to other human beings! He is an utter disgrace and should never be allowed anywhere near politics ever again!! Universal Credit is a sham it does not work the voters can see it those on it can see,those delivering can see it,everybody can see it except IDS. Never again will I vote Consevative!

  25. Peter Cunliffe says:

    Bloody shame it was not ids in that cage, I would of lit the bloody thing myself and as he was burning throw vinegar on him and poke the faming mess with sharp sticks. whist playing Garry Glitter songs to him.

  26. Another UC staffer It’s worse than that. IDS is attempting a slash and burn policy against the old system. That means its destruction. Even if it means that by the election, the only thing left is a system that does not work and will never. I helped design a small part of the old system and though it was nothing fancy, it was a good work horse. Apart from the money that this idiot and Grayling have wasted, more will have to be spent in scrapping it and creating a new one that works.

    This moron has already cost us billions, even when he booted out of office, he will cost billions more putting right the damage. In my opinion both he and Grayling should be surcharged for malfeasance in a public office.

  27. If this Tosser is ever asassinated, the person that does it will have my utmost respect. What an evil Bastard he really is.

  28. JC Frontliner says:

    The reality is senior management and ministers are a laughing stock amongst their own workforce. The quality of management in the DWP amounts to bullying and intimidation in an attempt to get results. If you raise objections to anything it is as if you have committed an act of treason. They have no sense of proportion or indeed know how stupid they sound and appear. They put David Brent to shame.

  29. So Duncan Cough finally gets it in the neck from one of his slaves? Good for that lad – I hope that the press will follow very closely if he gets fired or suspended. I wouldn’t put is past that putrid bastard IBS. A man who faked his entire CV, and was so shit that even the Tory party – even the Tories – couldn’t stand to be led by piece of shit.

    HIs “reforms” have killed people, and that’s been documented. His role in the Tory government is apparently to set up systems that kill the vulnerable, and then to pretend that he is the master of his brief. Well, I suppose if the brief is to kill people off who’d never vote for a vile piece of rectal detritus like him, then he’s doing well.

    The rest of us stand back, take a look and feel revulsion at that wanker.

  30. Will HMG never learn?!!! £140 million down the pan in failed IT – deja vu from 2004 when the new Child Support IT failed abysmally. I know, I spent two years trying to work with it and apologising for it. If the Toriesspec trying to “improve” working systems there would be more money in the benefits system which = less cuts.
    I take my hat of to that young man, I just walked.

  31. These changes in benefits and those within the NHS are all made without speaking to the people who are at the sharp end- often managers who have a poor idea of day to day issues. Instead of achieving a streamlined system which still serves the people who need it, it is punitive. They do it because they can, and it’s easier than going after wealthy and powerful tax dodgers. Don’t expect them to have a conscience. They need to be voted out and then pressure needs to be put on the next government to turn things around as LABOUR promise they will. Don’t waste votes elsewhere and encourage everyone you know to vote.

  32. Carmel McGrath says:

    Promote that man we could do with the likes of him telling the truth instead of people being cowered into saying nothing in case they get sacked. Get rid of IDS, he is inhuman i would like to see him survive on what many of the people in this country are forced to survive on and that,s after months of waiting for a response from his Department

  33. Well atleast someone had the guts to tell the bald twat! He even had the cheek to turn up late, if a claimant turned up 1 minute late he/she would get sanctioned!!! This twat turned up over an hour late! Stop his money! He can no longer claim a penny on expenses, cheeky cunt!

  34. Hi!!!
    Dear, sir or Madam
    I can’t tell you where is to good job, anything is poor anything is go wrong so the difference is together so fare so good many years from the job centre for looking job I go to school for complete my background so many years from the advice note recognise the CV or the time there staff using from the school is go wrong any for him nothing to job professional. I can’t tell for what because you are the corresponded from the staff to your service job centre.

  35. My brother is terminally ill. Although 3 consultants and his doctor have declared him unfit for work. He was declared fit for work, he went to the job center to sign on, with his breathing equipment he has to have where ever he goes. The girl at the job center said he wasn’t fit for work, she said there must be a mistake. So she started an appeal. He was sanctuntioned for not signing on. I got hold of his M P a conservative and told him I was holding him and his party personally responsible. His wife is suffering from asbestosis, she was also declared fit to work, they were left with no money from June last year until last week. They had no money, they were nearly evicted, if it wasn’t for family, supplying them with food, I dread to think what would have happen. His MP advised him to claim another benefit because he took his advise, he is on so much less money, they are finding it difficult to pay back all they have borrowed off of family. They didn’t get any money back dated. All of this has had such a detrimental effect on both of their health. This government have lost a lot of votes from my family. It’s an appalling way to treat anyone, especially those disabled, sick and dying.

  36. To think that the tories may still get elected this year defies logic. Are we really a nation of sociopaths so removed from the reality of the hurt their policies ars creating?

  37. Let’s not forget that it’s only five years ago since so many people voted Tory, they were able to assume power. The Tories have NEVER tried to uphold equality and have never been interested in fairness. They play to people’s instincts of self-preservation, greed and survival of the fittest, and hoodwink them into thinking that anyone who votes Tory has a better chance of personal wealth. Until people wise-up, realise that the Tories are all tarred with the same “bugger you Jack, I’m alright” brush, there’s still a good chance that they’ll get in again. Be frightened, and do something about it!

  38. you know what you can do to change it – not saying other parties are much better as no clear support for the more vulnerable .

    interesting what you hear when you are waiting to be seen as heard local jobcentre advisers being told off the other day- something about plates and targets not being met.

  39. Celia Williams says:

    IDS is the Devil Incarnate and is very damaging to the Party he represents. Something has happened to him and as far as I can tell it is ‘mental’. He needs removing as the man lost the plot long ago.
    All he can say is ‘Oh dear’, as he could not give a damn. No sense, no feeling comes to mind.

    So hope the outspoken employee is not targetted and retains his job. He should be promoted and given an increase to my mind.

    The Conservative Party and IDS will soon be yesterday’s news I hope and pray.

  40. well they do say pride will always come before a very big public fall or was it the smaller the man the bigger the attitude

  41. Here is a man who lives on an estate which gets goverment grants plus a good wage expenses and spends £35 on a breakfast idle git.Who sanctions people who are late for appointments at the jobseekers but have to wait up to an hour to be seen ,but he is allowed to arrive late.Good on that young man to have a go but proberly he will be sanctioned too.

  42. “IDS, the man who resigned as leader of the Tory party after a vote of no confidence by his own MPs………”

    John, I’m fairly sure given the superiority complex that IDS shown by his arrogance and attitude that he didn’t resign as such more so, kicked out because he couldn’t run a bath let alone a political party. =)

  43. Eating cake as instructed says:

    Heartening as it was to see the recently assaulted disabled man receive over £300k from an appeal fund set up for him it’s high time a similar fund and website was set up to support people exposing what’s wrong in society. This young chap will no doubt now be disposed of needing funding to get a better job. Firms of conscience and integrity could advertise thereon and those wronged despite the inept ‘whistleblowers act’ will survive financially. Until the public are made fully aware of the real scenario behind welfare reform care homes and other aspects affecting vulnerable people some will believe the election hogwash. Any Suggestions?

  44. The old system is horrifically bad too, it needed a massive shakeup but the people at the top don’t want to listen to people like me and this young bloke. I have been told by my line manager that the way to get on in DWP is to smile sweetly and agree to everything they chuck at us. Whatever you do don’t question it as that is career suicide…

  45. Graham Walker says:

    IDS is an incompetent, uneducated, soulless bureaucrat. He has caused misery and suffering to the most vulnerable members of society. Proven by his claims that M.S. Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis to name but a few are CURABLE!!!
    I’m still waiting for him to cure my M.S.

  46. In a recent TV interview, Andrew Neil put the facts of the failure of Universal Credit to Iain Duncan Smith who denied there were any problems. Smith even denied that the HM Treasury would not sign off the business case for Universal Credit. After the interview, Neil asked his journalist panel about Smith dismissing the facts. One of the journalists said it was “Brass neck”.

  47. Stephen Hall, I agree with you about the Tories. Yet I voted LibDem in 2010 because I wanted to remove a reactionary government and its attacks on civil liberties. Tony Blair reneged on many promises and sold out Labour’s core values and Gordon Brown continued this after his “coronation”.

    New Labour was too close to corporations, big bankers and a right-wing US president, took us into an unwanted, illegal war (on the basis of a lie), and broke its promises on political reforms and an EU referendum.

    New Labour was not listening to the people or acting in their interests, as shown by its obsession with imposing Chinese-style ID Cards, the associated database and designated conditions (where they would be mandatory) plus thousands of new laws, many of which reduced our rights and gave police too much leeway to ban legitimate activities. Five Home Secretaries insisted on enforcing ID Cards, despite campaigns against them and letters to MPs.

    In our so-called democracy we get one chance to vote, followed by five years of de facto dictatorship – in both Labour and Tory / LibDem administrations, parliament has been a rubber stamp for government diktats, even when they broke election promises.

    Both Tories and LibDems promised to reverse Labour attacks on civil liberties (promises they have lamentably failed to keep) so I decided the only choice was to reject a bad government in the hope that Labour might learn and change for the better. Whether it has remains to be seen, but it is certain that the current government is even more reactionary and the enemy of most of the people, especially the middle-incomes, the low-paid, the poor and the vulnerable. So now we need to use our one vote to replace Tories and LibDems with (hopefully) something better.

  48. For gods sake don’t vote Labour as they intend to carry out with austerity ..In fact t hard pressed to tell tory from labour/ukip/libdem; Voting Green Party

  49. I am a Health Visitor working in Southampton. What is going to happen to people who have acquired brain damage who can only work 16hrs a week. Many want to work and contribute they will be put on the scrap heap, as they wont be able to get any financial help, many will end up homeless on the streets. Where is our caring society I feel angry sad and powerless. What can we do to change this putdown of the disabled.

  50. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Just so that the opposition voters get a value of Tory supporters, I would add the following. – I voted Tory, due to what was on offer at the election, was either stupid or totally flat ! – I voted for a Conservative Party. Not a Party with Fascist leanings ! – I have always been a floating voter as I have been a Managing Director, then a Shop Steward during my working life, and therefore I don’t belong in either camp; I just choose the Government, being a ‘Floater’ ! – If I.D.S.@ D.W.P. is backed by the Tories, to hide the ‘Death Figures’, the Tory party can be assured that my vote, and many other ‘Floaters’ will not only be absent to them, but will be cast in the best way to get them out. – PUBLISH NOW, OR FOREVER BE DAMNED ! – You have just got the time to correct this David Cameron, or be seen as the U.Ks. Fuhrer !

  51. I have committed over 100 Burglaries, stolen so much over the last couple of years just to live, buy food etc since my money was stopped back in Jan 1st 2013 and because of now having to maybe go 10 years with no money and my age 57 years old I am not sure of if I will even get a pension too. So over the next 3 years I have to plan on possible another 100 – 300 plus Burglaries and many other crimes to have a fall back plan of around £20,000 – £30,000 to last me in my pension years. IF and only IF I do get pension money I will give away all I have taking to homeless and people who have been sanctions. My full story is here :- I am not a writer so forgive me with how I worded stuff….. http://lisa.wc.lt/forum/showthread.php?tid=12

    NO I am not proud but I need to eat live and survive

  52. Snowy George O. says:

    Only 1000 characters available and I was attempting a new Guiness World Record for the amount of times “Iain Duncan Smith”, bald headed dreary sadistic fascist pig if you’re not aware of him, can be written in the same sentence with the words “total fucking prick” and “pointless drain upon the society of the United Kingdom” and “ought to be thrown onto the street, kept on a chain and forced to lick a council Biffa bin clean for his keep, the useless impotent turd.”

  53. This country is fucked taking taxes then when people like my self need help shafting us for up to 6 weeks before we get any help there all cunts

  54. Universal Credit, which is already available in a number of areas across England, Scotland and Wales, continued its roll out across the North West of England from 23rd June 2014. From Fabruary 2017 Universal Credit also expanded to Manchester and Liverpool to include claims from couples and sinlge parents.
    this is town by town UC full service rollout area list;

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