Tory white flag to UKIP

The Tories’ claimed ambition to form a non-coalition government at the forthcoming election have been dealt a body blow, with analysis of CCHQ’s list of ‘non-target seats’ by Scrapbook showing they have given up on several constituencies required form a working majority. These include the Conservative/UKIP marginals of Rochester & Strood and Boston & Skegness — both of which the party held in May 2010 and one of which has a sitting Tory MP!

In what has been described by ConservativeHome as a “schoolboy error”, someone from the Tory HQ web team decided to upload images of certain Westminster hopefuls into a folder called “non target candidates”, giving everyone a sneak peak of seats they reckon are either super-safe or no-hopers.

Suffice it to say UKIP are cock-a-hoop.

And with the Tories currently 20 seats short of a majority, others include:

  • #23 Plymouth Moor View (Labour majority 1,588)
  • #25 Eltham
  • #26 Walsall South
  • #32 Exeter
  • #35 Oldham East and Saddleworth
  • #37 Luton South
  • #38 Bridgend

With ‘real’ target seats being saturated with direct mail, this likely confirms the what local politicos already suspected.

  1. The Conservative Party are reputedly awash with cash for the GE. Why on earth would they give up on seats like these? Hardly seems credible. Nothing about their leadership is credible mind you. Preparing for coalition with UKIP by the looks of it.

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