Labour’s general election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander in email to party supporters at the weekend:

“The differences between our campaign and The Tories’ have never been clearer, and these don’t just reflect different budgets — they reflect different approaches to winning this election.

“We’ll focus our campaign on issues, not personalities — we won’t run any billboard posters with pictures of David Cameron on them.

But Douggie appears to be having trouble co-ordinating his own memory. Here’s an attack on David Cameron — described as an “online poster” — which was released on January 4 to accompany a “state of the race” memo from, errr, Douglas Alexander.

Labour 2015 airbrushed Cameron attack ad

So is this a U-turn or are Labour reserving their Cameron attack material for online?

  1. Labour should sack their Campaign Manager! Don’t they know that Negative Campaigning is more effective because people remember it??

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