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A Tory health minister has cut his public ties with a corporate-backed group he founded, which was lobbying his own department in favour of changes worth millions of pounds to the biotech industry — where he was a formerly an executive.

Patients4Data sits on an advisory group for the NHS’ controversial programme, which could see confidential patient data shared with private companies.

References to George Freeman MP as the “parliamentary founder” of the organisation have been deleted from their website after Scrapbook highlighted that the so-called “grassroots campaign organisation” was actually, errrr, supported by private equity groups and run by professional bioscience lobbyists.

In a statement Freeman’s office said:

“George has never received any money from [Patents4Data] and has no ongoing role or connection to the group.

“As a Minister, George is subject to, and complies with, the very strict Code of Conduct of Ministers which ensures no possible conflicts.

And who attends the NHS England advisory group meetings on behalf of this “grassroots” body?

Professional life sciences spinner Cynthia Clark.

  1. Really shows what these bar stewards are up to

    Such actions should be punishable offence, prison springs to mind

    That would soon stop them

  2. In any other profession you’d be booted out and disbarred. Of course many MPs have similar links. They don’t receive any payments either but they do receive money from charities and think tanks for ‘research’ and other dubious schemes. Some members have carried out acts that are barely concealed criminality and the sad thing is that its so common it barely rates a headline or even a raised eyebrow..

  3. I think through the freedom of information act some disgruntled Norfolk constituents who were being sold down the river by his party and his lack of interest initialy on property developers raping their enviroment found that he was working against them behind the scenes and he realising this is now trying to cover his tracks so to speak.Yaxham and Mattishall I believe now realise that this is the case.The NHS is also one that he is working on behind the scenes to bring into the private sector.

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