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A family caring for a 7-year-old boy with cancer have been living off handouts from food banks and their local hospital because the DWP stopped his benefits.  Parents Ruth and Kevin Miller were forced to quit their jobs to look after their son Tommi, who requires round the clock care.

Tommi was previously thought to be receiving the highest level of Disability Living Allowance for children. But despite continuing care needs, the DWP not only failed to pay out with the benefit after he was given the all clear from leukemia last April — but even when his condition returned in September, leaving him facing two years of gruelling chemotherapy with the condition attacking his brainstem, spinal cord and bone marrow.

His mother told Cambridge News:

“I think just want to get out of paying us what we was entitled to from May to October. That’s when this new claim will go from. In the meantime we have nothing to live on.

“Tommi is home now but having daily radiotherapy and reviews so it’s almost impossible to eat even I’m so sick of worrying every week with no shopping money. I just can’t believe it.

Having taken nine months to definitively reject Tommi’s claim, the DWP are claiming that they have “followed the correct procedures”.

  1. My son has fibromyalgia and ME and despite care needs and mobility problems they have put him on the lowest rate of care of DLA (£22 pw) it is insulting.
    The problem with IDS and his like is that they see the disabled as an unwanted underclass.
    The carers suffer as well.
    The only good thing is that the disabled are now likely to vote against any party that has had a hand in these appalling reforms.

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