Nigel Rudd: lock up tax avoiders like Stefano Pessina

Among the most ridiculous claims from those totally impartial business leaders backing the Tories was that Ed Miliband risked “stifling debate” by pointing out that Boots boss Stefano Pessina (above) is a Monegasque tax avoider.

City grandee and Conservative Party donor Nigel Rudd:

“Making personal attacks on people stifles debate – it makes people think twice about voicing their opinions.

“We should listen to all opinions especially people who have created as many jobs and are as astute as Stefano Pessina.

Personal attacks, eh? Well you can’t get more personal than suggesting that someone should be “locked up”, which is precisely what Rudd has previously demanded of tax avoiders like Pessina. He told Management Today back in 1994:

“What I find offensive is people who make a lot of money and move to Jersey, and because there is no record of them coming in and out again, they pay no tax. I hate it.

“They should be locked up. Because they are just as big a bunch of crooks as someone robbing a bank. I feel very strongly about that.

Just replace ‘UK’ with ‘Italy’ and ‘Jersey’ with ‘Monaco’.

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