Craig Whittaker on a school roof

A Tory MP has staged a bizarre roof top protest after failing to secure money for a local school. While Conservatives freely admit that the government is directing taxpayers’ cash at marginal seats, out-of-favour Whittaker saw pleas to fix a water-damaged school in his constituency fall on deaf ears.

Touring Calder High School with Whittaker six months before the last general election, however, then shadow education secretary Michael Gove described the building “as one of the worst schools I have seen” — before heavily hinting that funding would be forthcoming:

“It’s precisely schools like this, where the buildings are holding back progress, which deserve extra cash

“the future direction of the capital budget by the Conservatives will be all about helping these schools where investment will really make an improvement and raise standards.

The injustice of leaving the school with a leaking roof was hammered home by local Tories in election leaflets:

Craig Whittaker election leaflet on schools

Unfortunately for Whittaker, however, Gove’s successor as education secretary isn’t so keen on handing out the cash — with Calder High receiving a grand total of £0 from £6 billion newly-allocated by DfE to refurbish and improve 277 schools across England.

Strangeways Here We Come?

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