Vince Cable and Nick Clegg

Though the move has been expected since October, Nick Clegg is due to officially sack Vince Cable as the Lib Dems’ economy spokesman tomorrow.

Writing for the Speccie, ex-Lib Dem hack Charlotte Henry notes that Cable’s demotion at the expense of a leadership rival (Danny Alexander) could indicate that ‘Saint Vince’ is a political gonner:

“That team Clegg feel confident enough to not make him their Shadow Chancellor indicates they believe this Lib Dem big beast may have been tamed once and for all.

Indeed. Thanks to Political Scrapbook, the business secretary is currently waiting on the outcome of a standards investigation into his failure — along with aide Tessa Munt — to declare more than £8,000 in private polling received during a botched coup plot against, errr, Nick Clegg.

The move, effectively a mini election reshuffle, may leave some wondering why HMT chief secretary Danny Alexander wasn’t already the party’s economics spokesman.

Still, it will be good to see Danny Alexander free to speak his mind

… after doing exactly what George Osborne told him for five years.

  1. Alexander could whip up a cake ..personally who cares about the #LibDems their demise back into darkness is coming in May

  2. Denny ‘The Fanny’ Alexander aka ‘Beaker’ is a political lightweight. He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t have to say anything, do anything or appear on anything. Made a complete chump of himself in the Referendum Campaign and does so every time he does anything. Cable may have been seen as the only principled member of the cabinet! This should finally extinguish any chance for the LibDems to save face at the GE…

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