Buckinghamshire Tory councillor and Ministry of Defence civil servant Mark Winn:

Cllr Mark Winn on food banks

The remark follows off the back of a similar slur last June.  Coventry City Council’s Tory shadow cabinet member for children’s services told shocked colleagues that “selfish” food bank users choose booze and drugs over the needs of their own children.

The “problem” that food bank users have is hunger — and people like Mark Winn.

  1. Drug addicts? Alcoholics? Mentally ill?
    By applying these labels, does this somehow de-humanise these people, make them less human? Shame on anybody to think so!! We live in a democracy, in which each of us is equal. I have the same rights as the next person. The only marked difference is hunger, hence the food banks. God forbid us if we were to label Tory MP’S as out of touch greedy leeches on society using up tax payer’s money.

  2. He deleted that original tweet but stands by his assertions. When I politely asked him to provide evidence of increased drug and alcohol use since 2010 and what figures he had on mental health statistics he did not reply and simply blocked me on Twitter.

    There speaks modern Conservatism-Willing to make wild claims but not willing to engage in civilised debate when challenged.

  3. Randolph Trent says:

    Many victims of some of the worst sexual abuse when they were children, grow up broken, Many end up in prison, drug addicted, alcholics, through dealing with thier pains and mental suffering, many also end up in the mental health department, only to be ignored and placed on medication in the hope they will forget about what happened to them to ruin thier lives.

  4. Yeah, Ray? He was disagreeing with the BBC who, on this occasion, are therefore on the side of the angels.

  5. Daley Gleephart says:

    Civil Service Management Codes
    4.4 Conduct: Political Activities

    4.4.1 Departments and agencies must make clear to staff any restrictions on their taking part in political activities. Political activities that may be subject to restriction are defined as follows:

    a. at national level: holding, in a party political organisation, office which impinges wholly or mainly on party politics in the field of Parliament or the European Parliament; speaking in public on matters of national political controversy; expressing views on such matters in letters to the Press, or in books, articles or leaflets; being announced publicly as a candidate for Parliament or the European Parliament; and canvassing on behalf of a candidate for Parliament or the European Parliament or on behalf of a political party; and

    b. at local level: candidature for, or co-option to, local authorities; holding in a party political organisation, office impinging wholly or mainly on party politics in the local field; speaking in public on matters of local political controversy; expressing views on such matters in letters to the Press, or in books, articles or leaflets; and canvassing on behalf of candidates for election to local authorities or a local political organisation.

    Page 32 if you download the doc in Ms Word https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/civil-servants-terms-and-conditions

  6. Says cocaine snorting, champagne swilling, brain cell less politician. Only he can claim for the first two at our expense. The last is obviously down to the usual inbreeding…

  7. Why not spend a session volunteering at a food and. There are over 1000 now in the UK to choose from. Maybe then your ill-informed and embarrassing assumptions could be corrected.

  8. Well Mark, the use of food banks has increased 163% since your Party conned its way into power in 2010 so either more people have need of foodbanks because of your evil divisive policies or more people have gone mad since your Party conned its way into power in 2010. Which is it? Perhaps both?

  9. This man has little clue, is a disgrace and must be outed as a twat If he wishes to liable the poor people using food banks, lets do it to him

  10. Vile and stupid.

    The mere fact that the DWP has laid out a process for Job Centres to send claimants to food banks disproves his inane rant (as if any such proof were needed).

  11. apparently they can bring in laws to put people in asylums (true) if they criticise MPs,VIPs or royalty but they can abuse the rest of us( there by the grace of) with the most abhorrent ,vile small minded bigotry imaginable !

  12. I love Nik Silton’s response. This Tory councillor is apparently uneducated and ignorant on many levels!

  13. My son has a mental illness. My friend has PTSD. He was a bomb disposal expert. Both have been homeless and had to use food banks. I have a serious life threatening illness and have to accept benefits, despite my skills and degree. I’m so tired of anyone without a nice job, home and not paying TAX being de-humanised. How did Hitler start World War Two? (scratches head) Was it de-humanising people? Setting them against each other? Will they never learn?

  14. Stella Thomas says:

    My comment is exactly the same as Randolph Trent’s. These Tories think that bad things will never happen to them or their families. Shame on you.

  15. Frank Elheron says:

    someone needs to hack the BBC and close it down until they start reporting the TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. James Dow-Grant says:

    Mark , you are an idiot. In my independent special school there were children whose parents were so poor they had to use food banks and charities to help with school uniforms and school trips They are decent people and I find it outrageous that your comments condemn whole rafts of members of our society. I am a Conservative myself and I think you should resign and hang your head in shame. It’s people like you who will wreck this country.

  17. These MP’s are paid to serve the public, not give their bigoted views and punish the poor and disabled. It’s time for this Mob and I stress Mob to start thinking about how to help those less fortunate than themselves, I thought that was what politicians are supposed to do HELP PEOPLE.but how can a bunch of public schoolboys ever know how ordinary people live. I pray Labour get in May.

  18. What a disgusting thing to say, how could anyone be so uneducated. We have working class people going to food banks because of zero hours jobs, they can not earn enough to pay rent council tax bedroom tax gas electric water rates and TV license etc etc. I know i work on a zero hours job and i am forced to work for hours i do not get paid for, because they say i can do the work in a certain time, then they take 20mins break time off your hours, and we are forced to take a break because they take it anyway, I am just in shock that so many people believe the media and people like this evil man. Like all these programs like Benefits Street, these people are chosen purposely to make it look like all are scroungers and work shy, this is far from the truth. It is time the truth came out and these people hiding the truth were punished for crimes against humanity. Shame on you

  19. How dare you,demean people like this who do you think you are ? Let me tell you something you little man karma is a wonderful thing I hope you enjoy yours when it comes round and oh yes it will mary shaw

  20. councillor watch says:

    Sadly, and I would suspect, deliberately, this councillor has not given his job title in his declarations, looking at the form, he may not have read the question. I can confirm that the Twitter account he was using has been deleted, though, with any councillor, his details are freely available on the councils web site.

  21. I would just like to say this man is a typical Tory, who is so out of touch with the reality for thousands of decent hardworking people. Who are paying the price for this government to be in power!!

  22. Mark, People like you need to come back down to earth and see it how it really is, We the disabled don’t need your belittling comments or your nasty views, Maybe you could learn something if you were to open your eyes instead of your mouth, I was always told growing up by my mother if you can’t say anything nice then dont say anything at all

  23. I’m not hugely political, fairly middle of the road; but this tweet is outrageous, offensive, demeaning, patronising, stunningly ignorant and apparently shows a complete inability to empathise with others. I pity Mr Winn as someone who evidently has little experience of how ferociously and relentlessly the universe can screw you straight into the ground.
    The real world is harsh and unforgiving, something I fear he has never experienced and thus has never had his mettle tested, never struggled to survive let alone have any kind of quality of life.
    Ministry of Defence civil servant too, I dread to think how he addresses issues regarding broken and damaged service people. Probably thinks PTSD is made up.

  24. I am so angree right now I have been diagnosed with vascular dementia and depression and angsity attacks and muscular problems. I would shore like to see the counciler at the moment I’m not using food bank but if it gets worse I might have to my sick benefit is absolutely disgusting £74 a week esa income bast of the 4 weeks money I pay bedroom tax and poll tax I am payed 3 weeks out of 4 to hear camoron on TV what a lier. That bleady counciler don’t know what it’s like to lose his memory and forget every thing you know .

  25. he looks like a spoon fed fat slob who’s never been hungry in his life. he’s disgraceful but far worse, who are the dumb idiots who vote this type of vile creature into power?

  26. Innocent Abroad says:

    There are a lot of people who don’t like other people. Now you know one of the sources of the Tory vote. Here’s the other one: people who don’t like themselves.

  27. Christine black says:

    How refreshing to see so many defend the addict and the mentally ill…how times have changed. The Tories bank on u buying their blame game crap but the people have awoken and can see exactly who’s to blame for the mess our country (and our people) are in. I don’t expect Labour to do any better and feel the best thing that could happen would be a Labour SNP coallition. In the hope the SNP can keep Labour leaning to the left and helping the needy rather than demonising them in favour of the greedy. An outright win for either Tory or Labour and we’re guaranteed another 4 yrs of this nonsense. Labour have clearly stated they would continue Tory reform and austerity so I don’t c them saving the UK….and then there’s UKIP n Tory coalition. God help us if that ever happens…

  28. “Food banks are for highly vulnerable members of society, who we believe don’t deserve to eat. Votes now please.” – Tory logic.

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