Tory 'fake' council tax letter

In a tactic redolent of craftily designed fake legal notices from the likes of Wonga, the Conservative Party has resorted to sending out letters designed to look like genuine local authority communications in a bid to scaremonger local residents about the Mansion Tax.

The letter, which is hitting doorsteps in Hampstead and Kilburn, arrives in a personally-addressed windowed envelope emblazoned with ‘Mansion Tax & Council Tax Revaluation Information’:

Tory 'fake' council tax letter

And here’s the house style used by letters from local Camden Council — note the almost identical font and use of bold:

Tory 'fake' council tax letter: comparison with Camden

It’s only at the bottom of the second side that the sender of the letter is revealed: local Tory candidate Simon Marcus.

Spare a thought for more the more vulnerable elderly residents who are opening this.

  1. You can’t blame the Tories for doing this. While i don’t disagree with the tax, I don’t think it gets us any new votes and is just a free kick for the Tories Just a typical stupid us vs them type of electioneering that Labour does and hurts us in the long run. Stick to real issues and think a bit smarter.

  2. Surely this is fraud? Is this a sneaky way of getting money into Tory Party coffers? What is it all about?

  3. “I heard people Don’t pay bedroom tax when spare rooms are classed as Prayer Room.”

    You heard wrong and bigoted. Nothing exempts a spare room from the Tories’ Social Cleansing Programme.

    I’d have tried that if it worked.

  4. “LIARS LIE” – Its just the way they are Programmed – TORIES HAVE A “TRACK RECORD” – So don’t Fall for anymore of their Waffle – NEVER EVER VOTE TORY and Teach your Children and Grandchildren Never to Forget that “GREED always Trumps NEED” in the Tory Mindset and they Always Break their Election Promises !!

  5. They di d a similar thing with local elections. Sent letters like a shopping list how people shop under Tories compared to labour which was very patronising. I never trust a thing from them. If I get the letter they will get it back with a nice little note.

  6. So reading the first sentence of the second paragraph doesn’t give the clue that the letter is related to the upcoming election? #LeftiesAreStupid or at least they think everyone is stupid.

    And is the use of the Arial font by anyone going to be mean that they are pretending to write official council letters?

  7. It’s called trespass and encroachment across the easement – Start there!

    Also see the Local Government Act 1888 sec 79 sub sec 2

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