Michael Gove

One of the Tories’ flagship Free Schools is almost certain to go to the walllosing its government funding after being put into special measures following a damning Ofsted report.

Here’s what Michael Gove had to say about the school back in September 2013:

Grahame Morris MP: It has been reported that the Durham free school has nine staff for 30 pupils. Does that, in addition to its unlimited capital, represent good value for the taxpayer or is it an act of political folly?

Michael Gove: I think it represents excellent value, because for far too long, as the hon. Gentleman knows, schools in County Durham, particularly in the east of the county, have not been good enough.

Having since been sacked as education secretary, his successor today claimed the school had no “imminent prospect of improvement”.

  1. Should this really surprise us, labour of course did for a while think free schools to be a good idea saying not everything the Tories do is bad.

    But free schools are not and never will be a great idea’ but poor old Gove he tried

  2. 9 teachers for 30 pupil, what a waste, would never want my taxes spend on a failing school, never mind one so cost in-effective, my schools entire science department is 8 teachers, they serve close to around 120 children each day.

  3. I work in FE I have 11 full time staff to teach 750 students. The rest of my staff are employed on zero hours contracts because there is not sufficient funds to employ them properly. Please Mr Gove send me some of this ‘excellent value for money’.

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