A Liberal Democrat general electio leaflet being distributed in Nick Clegg’s constituency doesn’t mention the deputy prime minister once — despite being printed in his own office.

Having spent five years in coalition with the Conservative Party, Clegg’s team have the brass neck to try and attack Labour over proposed cuts:

The Nick Clegg leaflet that doesn't mention Nick Clegg

A party which will adopt Tory policies — “are they really worth voting for?”, asks the leaflet.

Indeed …

David Cameron and Nick Clegg outside Downing Street

David Cameron pats Nick Clegg on the shoulder

  1. You mean he thinks the students who live in his constituency are idiots – they won’t connect the Lib-Dems with the pledge of no student fees?

    Or does he think that they are that politically naive, they haven’t figured out he, Nick Clegg and his henchmen are the Lib-dems who signed that pledge.

    If they are that dumb they shouldn’t be in university.

  2. But the really dishonest bit of the leaflets is pretending the Tories aren’t contenders in this seat. They clearly are, although Labour are probably slightly ahead of them.

    What the Libs are doing – in classic fashion – is to tell Tory voters they have no chance and need to vote for Clegg to keep out Labour.

  3. These leaflets aren’t aimed at students and it’s unlikely they’re being delivered to students or the young transient population.

    In similar constituencies, leaflets like this have been sent to the affluent Tory/LIb Dem split areas to stop those people voting Tory, which they are likely to do. The ones I saw were even printed in blue Conservative party colours.

  4. umm, Lib Dems voted with Tories on bedroom tax, voted with Tories to raise VAT, voted with Tories for a top down reorganisation in the NHS that no one voted for, to triple tuition fees, for welfare reform, for the cuts. Every time the Tories have had a bad news story, they wheel out their favourite Tory Lib Dem, Danny Alexander to tell us about it! Do the LibDems really think the electorate is that stupid?

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