James Dyson vs Theresa May

It seems that Tory-supporting technologist James Dyson is upset about the home secretary’s UKIP-inspired plans to ramp down on the number of foreign students:

“Theresa May’s latest ploy to swing voters concerned about immigration magnifies my worry: she wants to exile foreign students upon qualification from British universities.

This is the same James Dyson that, four years ago, was, errr, scaremongering that foreign students were behind an epidemic of spying at British universities:

“As an exporter and someone developing technology here, it’s very disheartening to see these universities being used by foreign countries and foreign companies,”

“Foreign governments and businesses are prepared to pay quite a lot of money for people to study at Cambridge, Imperial College and other Russell [Group] universities because they appreciate the value of these research posts.

“They go back home taking that science and technology knowledge with them and then they start competing with us. This is mad — it is madness.

“I’ve seen frightening examples. Bugs are even left in computers so that the information continues to be transmitted after the researchers have returned home.”

Could it be that Dyson was happy to make potentially inflammatory remarks about foreign students — until he realised an exodus of talent was the bigger threat to his business?

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