Jonathan Sacks

With his secretary of state for communities under fire over his anti-extremism letter to Muslim leaders, David Cameron rushed to Eric Pickles’ aid with the following sound bite:

“Anyone, frankly, reading this letter who has a problem with it, I think really has a problem.

He obviously missed the Today programme, then. Here’s former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:

“I’ll tell you what the problem is: that letter suggested that the Muslim community within Britain can contain its own radicals and the truth is that Islamism … is actually a global phenomenon transmitted by the internet, transmitted by social media.

“I am absolutely sure that the government was incredibly well intentioned … But I can kind of see [why] the Muslim community says ‘Why are you pointing the finger of blame at us?’


  1. well – he may have a point in this instance –
    But Sachs is a sanctimonious git – gladly gone from “thought for the day”.
    and anything that upsets this Zionist plonker would usually be a good idea –
    He joined his other God-bothering leader friends in blaming Salman Rushdie for the state sanctioned murder by religious nutjobs – of publishers of an excellent book.

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