Paul Golding of Britain First in armoured Land Rover

Speaking from his comedy armoured Land Rover at the weekend, Britain First leader Paul Golding announces that the group’s ‘Christian Patrols’ — in which far-right goons roam the streets looking to get a rise out of local Muslims — are being rolled out nationwide:

“We’ve received new information that Muslim gangs are trying to enforce certain parts of Sharia law.

“We’ve got activist teams out across the country tonight conducting similar Christian Patrols in heavily Muslim areas

So over to Blackburn in Lancashire, referred to by Steve Criscole — Britain First’s so-called ‘commanding officer’ in the North West — as “the Blackburn”. Having wandered the streets delivering leaflets for what seems like hours, a clearly crestfallen is forced to tell the camera:

“At the moment everything seems to be quiet and there’s no problems here. Which is good.

“Hopefully they will all be inside tucked up in bed.

It’s basically a video of three blokes walking round and nothing happening.


  1. John Hodgkinson says:

    One of the things that make this so inspiring is the swelling, dramatic music as these dickheads amble about in the dark.

  2. Paul Golding longs to be important but the reality is he’s an irrelevant, thick, fat loser. He even tried to get himself arrested at Bexleyheath Police Station last year for a bit of street cred and the police told him to go away!

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