Accused of “pointing at immigrants and the disabled and holding his nose” on Question Time last night, Farage retorted that he “never has” criticised people with disabilities.

Yeah, Nige. Apart from in that manifesto policy document which was mysteriously deleted from the UKIP website last year.

The party claimed that 75% of incapacity benefit claimants “are fit and healthy”, dubbing them “a parasitic underclass of scroungers” and handing them a £1,300 cut in state aid:

“The welfare state has also created a brazen culture of benefit “scrounging”, whereby individuals who are perfectly capable of working refuse to do so, and go on benefits instead. They frequently justify this by feigning illness.

“This gives rise to a parasitic underclass of “scroungers”, which represents both an unreasonable tax burden on the working population

What is that if not an attack?

  1. You lefties are always trying to twist words to fit your own agenda.

    Nigel’s party has not criticised people with disabilities. Read the comment properly, it shouldn’t be hard; it is printed here on your website in black and white after all.

    The comment is referring to people who are claiming fraudulently incapacity benefits, i.e. people who do not have real disabilities but claim to for the purpose of receiving state hand-outs.

    People who claim benefits for being disabled, when in actual fact they are not disabled, are indeed a “parasitic underclass of “scroungers””.

    Nothing wrong with this comment whatsoever. Many of these ‘disabled’ people are fully capable of working therefore are not entitled to claim benefits that should go to people with genuine disabilities.

    Continue latching on to trivial comments made by UKIP and twisting them for your own agenda – it’s not working anymore – the left is falling while the right continues to rise.

    UKIP stand a very good chance of winning the GE, and you’re all running scared – your time is up leftie cretins.

  2. Farrage you are a parasitic worm whos mother is a playboy whore clean up your own backyard before slagging off the disabled

  3. Wilma monaghan says:

    hope it comes to him one day, but he’s a millionaire so no worrys for public school boy Farrage, he is a ignorant twat that knows nothing about the real working class or how disability effects a whole family,I was up to 03:00am with pain last night although I am on strong pain relief, hope it happens to the twat one day

  4. If there are any scroungers it’s all the politicians who are robbing decent folk so they can live a lavish lifestyle by fiddling there expenses and wanting more money to go with their millions they have stashed away ..

  5. Tracy Phillips says:

    So according to that idiotic waste of space I CHOSE to have a tumor on my spine & arthritis in every joint leaving me in excruciating pain every day & relying on my children for help to get dressed?! I really wish that arrogant pig had to live a single DAY in my shoes, he wouldn’t last a flaming HOUR!!!

  6. Lynn Holdsworth says:

    “9 out of 10 employers rate blind and partially sighted people as either ‘difficult’ or ‘impossible’ to employ”

    “Two-thirds of registered blind and partially sighted people of working age are not in paid employment.”

    I’d guess that statistics for disabled people as a whole are pretty similar. I wonder if Mr Farage has an answer to this conundrum? How to get sick and disabled people into work without starving them to death? How to convince employers to take on members of this parasytic under-class like me? Giz a job Nige!

  7. Matthew Carley says:

    The PDF doesn’t actually say that though does it? The ‘75% on incapacity benefits’ is taken from a Daily Star article that they do reference as part of a rather slovenly trawl through the right wing press but it isn’t their statement.

    The quote about scroungers is from their section on benefit fraud, which is more about other abuse.

    It’s a badly written document with some dubious policies but I think it’s a real stretch to characterise it as an attack on disabled people as you have. Is quite bizarre to find myself criticising Scrapbook and defending UKIP but this isn’t your strongest work.

  8. He should walk a mile in my shoes because i can’t, despicable man, i would love him to call me a scrounger to my face, he would have one of my crutches inserted where the sun don’t shine.

  9. its worrying that in general the British public are so focused on immigration that they are blind to the fact that Farage is basically a modern day Adolf Hitler…he’d be quite happy if not only those nasty immigrants but also us, the underclass who’s only crime is to have a disability or illness, would just fall off the end of the planet..

    I can’t wish I’ll on anyone, but if only people who dismiss the sick and disabled as scroungers, could just spend a month walking in our, painful, shoes…

  10. Sick of Jackass Politicians says:

    Yet another party I wouldn’t waste a vote on. Pretty homophobic as well but keep that well hidden at the moment, oh thats right marmalade is gay was in your old manifesto…….. actually your manifesto reads like a bit of a nightmare wouldn’t want you in power at all you’re and no better than the rubbish we already have ruining this country. Middle class pricks pretending to be in touch with the people what a joke.

  11. It’s a real shame the bastard wasn’t paralysed in that plane crash, see how he likes needing state aid then.

    The ONLY parasites in this country are the political “elite” who operate a do as I say not as I do policy

  12. My take on the word “Scrounger” is as follows: Privately educated, inherited millions, short in brain power with no knowledge of the real world. In my opinion this takes in the Royals, Politicians and peers who get their money handed to them on a silver platter, in a position to over claim expenses, complain about drinking tax payer funded cheap champagne and demand cheaper gourmet food while being in a position to award themselves excessive pay rises. Ring any bells Nigel..

  13. Steven Stewart says:

    The paragraph cited is very clearly taken out of context. People should actually read the manifesto before making a judgment and I say this as a disabled person.

  14. You cannot always see disability..it is Avery complex subject..you can never understand pain unless you have endured it for years on end..if a medical or MRI says you are disabled then who is anyone to question it….

  15. Although he might be out of order sometimes the man does have a point. There are thousands and thousands of people out there scrounging, claiming benefits they don’t deserve and spunging rather than working. I am a T9 complete paraplegic and know people well capable of working but don’t and claim thousands! They also do cash in hand work on the sly but never seem to get caught out. Maybe if they didn’t earn more in benefits then me and my partner working for a living they might change their ways! Nige isn’t slagging of the people who actually need the benefits, his way of thinking might well sit uncontrollably with a lot of people but something really has to be done and maybe it needs to be a bit harsh.

  16. The 75percent figure is a fantasy from the Daily Mail Closer to 0.75 percent of claims are fraudulent According to DWP own figures. But why let facts interfere with a bit of prejudice ? That’s UKIP !You gotta love ’em

  17. U and ur shitty party are scum I am disabled and we are treated like scum u are no different to the Hitler thinking of sick and disabled which is get rid of them the same as the torus

    this week i have been to the hospital three times where i was diagnosed with problems with my brain which may be the start of Parkinson’s I would or any other who thinks genuine. Disabled peopke are scum to feel the pain we go through EVERY DAY for ten seconds U WOULDN’T COPE but we’re liars and thieving scum well FUCK U AND UKIP

  18. Facist, you absolute hate mongering scum. you make me sick, I cant even get a eight pound taxi fare refunded out of my direct payment to go food shopping, or a decent wheelchair I can fold with only one hand.and put in my car. I am ready to get back to work its the system that’s disabling me you twunt!

  19. I have seen a lot of people claiming Disablement benefit and not working due to walking dificulties.But does that stop them answering a phone or doing a desk job?

  20. Valentina Sherren says:

    Well, I certainly won’t waste my vote on UKIP – if Farage did make such comments, especially about disabled people who are, theoretically, “scroungers”‘ I’m a disabled person, and I’d give anything to not be disabled. Not only am I in constant pain, but my life is disabled – I am very hampered by my disabilities, and I find that my ability to indulge in normal activities (like walking, shopping – even climbing stairs – extremely difficult- and I’m just talking about my mobility problems – I have other medical bits & pieces which make my life difficult. I’m extremely angry about “scroungers” who steal money from the State – which means that they not only steal money from me but they blacken my name & reputation – how dare they, and how dare Farage.

  21. I can’t believe that all of this is happening in the UK, this country is going backwards and soon it will be like under developed contries, thanks to their stupid polticians who are running the country on their sick way.

  22. Re:theAnonymous Dec 12 2014 at 11.10 .. People with walking dificulties, I am one of those people and I find it very painful to sit on an easy chair for an hour let alone sit at a desk for any length of time answering a bloody phone, Any one out there who are lucky enough to be abled boddied and go to work then shut the F… up, You are the lucky ones, you havn’t got a clue about what I am going through, every day for me is the same, meds all through the night and day, impossible to walk, unaided, the list goes on and before you pass more comments on my disability, I have worked hard all my life, I was struck down with this illness a few years ago, Put your hand infront your mouth before slagging the likes of me off..

  23. I have a wife who is registered disabled and has great walking difficulties and like someone in the previous post finds sitting in a chair any length of time impossible. All our chairs at home are adapted but require a lot of room to get in and out, space many employers don’t have.
    My wife did work for many years until her employer decided it was no longer practical to continue. She is still on their payroll claiming SSP as they won’t pay her off as legally they can’t as they can make changes to allow her to go back but are very reluctant to do so. My wife would be delighted and is desperate to return to work but is unable to do so and throughout her disability has found it very hard to find employment because of it and even harder to find an employer to help her.
    I accept there is people out there abusing the system and falsely claiming but it so unfair to tag everyone with the same brush. Try living with a disability or in my case living with someone with a disability and you will find out how hard life can be but we don’t moan about it but instead get on with life as best as we can. Despite the benefits received we are not well off and have had to make a lot of cuts in our living standards to get by. I work full time as well as any overtime I get to make ends meet and that is wherein the problem lies for many. I have worked out I would be better off not working than I am by going to work and for many that will be the easy option. I am too proud and honest to do so but sadly there are some out there who are not.

  24. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/aug/29/socialism-for-the-rich

    Let us first slay the dragon of “crony capitalism” and “corporate benefit”.
    It was not the sick, disabled or unemployed who benefited from a government state-handout of over £1 trillion pounds, it was the majestic financial system. if the rest of us go bankrupt, we pay it off. If the banks go bankrupt we still pay it off; for THEM (and then they charge us more because we had to rescue them from their own corrupt mess).
    In a sane, or fair world, that would not happen.
    State aid for the rich.
    Pain for the poor.
    Was it ever any different?

  25. Yawns another day another claim that something was stated that has mysteriously disappeared, given that the health spokesperson for UKIP in west midlands is severely disabled, how on earth do you think UKIP can be anti disabled?? You want anti disability parties to moan about look no further than the conlablibdum party.

  26. I agree Barry. It is the present government who have crucified the disabled with their assessments. I am totally happy that UKIP will give the disabled a fair deal. I know disabled people who would love to work but cant, even though they have been declared “fit”. I also know of fit and healthy people on benefits that won’t work. IF UKIP stated that 75% of claimants were able but not willing to work I wouldn’t think they were that far off the mark…in general! BUT we shouldn’t allow disinterested third parties to carry out assessments based on the model of Stephen Hawking which is apparently what they do.

  27. BUT given this site has a strong LEFT WING bias you would expect it to attack UKIP and anyone else who deviated from the socialist ideal.

  28. Well it was reported in the Star and the Daily Mail about right, the elite down in Westminster will do anything to discredit him, they are all in a total panic Liberals are gone, Labour just behind them, Cameron is in a total panic. For me its UKIP sick of all the broken promises, Cameron shut down the disabled small factory shops.

  29. UKIP want people to think their main policy is immigration from the EU, so people fight amongst themselves, while their main policy is to get rid of human rights, so they can mistreat British people. Wouldn’t it be weird if Farage became PM, with people thinking they’re voting against immigration from Europe, while he stands next to his foreign wife who he employs on expenses from tax payers money. Plus the biggest foreign scroungers are royalty. The Queen’s family changed their name to sound less German. Prince Philip was a Greek asylum seeker. The party is made up of ex-Tories, who only don’t want to be in the EU or have human rights because it’s stopping them mistreating British workers, so their upper class friends and corporate donors can make more money. The Tories voted against House of Lords reform, so their upper class friends could be paid for doing nothing, some even falling asleep on the job, with expenses and subsidised bars and restaurants. Then around the same time they voted against a minimum wage. Calling anybody lazy if they don’t want to work for slave labour money. Just because they don’t want Europeans coming here, because the EU had directives to allow enough breaks and holidays, they would still have many from third world countries, who they want to treat as badly as they want to treat British workers when they get rid of humans rights.

  30. so my 8 year old who has dmd is a scrounger ,if Nigel Farage lived one day with my son’s condition he would be in pieces everything he does is affected by this muscle wasting disease
    life is very hard ,how dare this stupid twat without dla we would really struggle

  31. Anthony Campbell says:

    Suzanne smith: Absolute tripe. For a start, the human rights act only works for foreign criminals, if you haven’t noticed, not for the victim of the crimes they commit against. UKIP want it changed to a bill of rights, so do the Tories. I don’t know where you and the rest on here get you’re information from? By the way, about the disabled, the UKIP woman in charge of that department is in a wheelchair.

  32. doyourresearch says:

    I am not a fan of UKIP or the odious Mr Farage, but I have just waded my way through the document. And nowhere does it claim that 75% of people are able to work. The Daily Star claimed it.

    The fact that they do actually claim the ‘brazen culture of benefit scrounging’ makes for quite a good story in itself. And one could argue that having the reference to the Daily Star article means they are probably aligned to that stat. But that’s not what you said and it’s not what they claimed.
    Accurate reporting of facts please = honest journalism. You are distorting the truth to make a more sensational article, which doesn’t reflect well on you.

  33. I have COPD and three years ago was diagnose with Cancer that affect my vital organs only 38 tablets and demo keep it livable, I am not a parasite that has been mentioned, I worked until illness set in, people do not no what pain I am in. Not bowing if your going to see the next day UKIP shout up the rubbish that you let out of your mouths. Vote the green party.


  34. Patrick thistle says:

    This wasn’t actually criticising disabled people though was it. The parasites being referred to are those that deliberately claim disability benefit when they aren’t disabled – a fair point. that’s a pretty small percent, but it’s something that riles up the masses. Typical politics of anger and fear employed by right wing parties.

  35. Oh my word! Listen to all of you being critical of UKIP, when the article isn’t even written properly! Read the rhetoric and propaganda if you will, but before you make judgements, actually do your OWN research, from various sources, not just one, then READ AND UNDERSTAND UKIP POLICIES, watch speeches of UKIP MEPs on Youtube, and THEN compare & contrast all of this to form your opinions!

  36. I know a number of people who like to make you disabled, Farage. Lacking any intellect or principles, we get classic knee jerk babble from UKIP. And Farage ? Perfectly happy to avoid actual policies and lie his way out of awkward questions about what he said a fortnight ago. Perhaps he should stay away from the saloon bar.

  37. It’s been said several times before——

    Benefit fraud amounts to £1.1 billion per year
    OVERpayments by DWP £2.4 billion per year
    Tax Evasion amounts to £70 billion per year

    Kinda puts some perspective on the matter. Why go for the smallest target (at considerable cost and distress to the vast majority) and not the largest?

    Because Tories despise the poor and the poor are an easy target. The vast majority of Tax evasion is by the rich and they are the Tories friends and backers.

  38. The accusation that was levelled at Farage was that he had attacked disabled people.

    For the record when this booklet was released Farage wasn’t leader and the individual who published it is not even a UKIP rep anymore.

    Several prominent UKIP members have seen this today and denounced it.

    I am a disabled UKIP member, as is the disabled spokesperson for UKIP who is in a wheelchair and happens to be a Councillor as well.

    This is another pathetic attempt to validate a dishonest smear.

    Why don’t you lot report something useful instead of continuing with this moronic and undemocratic obsession with UKIP.

  39. We all know people that gave been wrongly claiming disability. I also know that some of the people that have posted this post also know people that are wrongly claiming disability HYPOCRITES. ..

    UKIP are correct

  40. I totally agree with Thomas Evans. I hope cameron never gets in again. My vote is UKIP
    I have a disability and thats why i am still awake now and in a lot of pain. I am 48 and have worked since i was 15. I want to go back to work but i cant get up on the morning.

  41. Peter Cunliffe says:

    If the intent is to kill the disabled within the UK. then at least give us the means to do so with. so we may die, so at least with some integrity.
    Don’t just turn your back on us ad let us die slowly, whist being tormented through the media, especially the BBC and the Daley Mail.

  42. A lot of what he said is correct DLA sees some of the laziest people going who feel its easier to be disabled and claim cash from the state than go to work! Back problems are some of the worst claimants! I have spinal degeneration Scoliosis and Arthritic changes in my lower back and have had for many years I spent time in a wheelchair in 2008 and was told I would not be able to go back to work! Now I had a choice sit at home get fat and claim benefits or prove them wrong! I proved them wrong I still have issues but I still work full time doing what I enjoy (front line ambulance work) I have an allotment that I tend these keep the muscles in my back strong and its these muscles that keep me upright! I know one day it will all fall apart but while I can I will work and support my family the best way I know with pride knowing the money I get I have earned! There are not many disabilities that prevent someone who wants to work from working but it is all too often someone will use the disability as an excuse not to work! I know of at least a dozen people who claim disability and state they are too disabled to work but can walk very well and can carry packs of beer from the supermarket etc! Depression is another classic you can live as a victim close the world off and stay at home in seclusion or you can face you troubles head on live as a survivor go out with your head held high!

  43. you try and live with my condition 24/7 and tell me I’m fit to work it’s time farage that you realised we are people with rights not just a number or statistic

  44. I’m disabled. But reading is not one of my disabilities.

    It says that people who are perfectly capable of working feign an illness.

    That’s true. They do. That’s a fact.

    It’s doesn’t say disabled people feign illness… It says people capable of working… They are not disabled. They are fit and healthy..

    This isn’t a comment on disabled people. This is a comment on people who PRETEND to be disabled to milk the system.

    Nowhere does it say that disabled people are scroungers.. It says that fit and able people pretending to be disabled are scroungers….

    Don’t fall for deliberate misinformation.

  45. Well, that’s the disabled, LBGT’s, Immigrants all alienated by UKIP. There’s still time for Farage or ‘one of his lot’ to suggest that folk should be bumped off as soon as they reach pension age, I mean just think how much that would save. Then they could penalise women who work for not staying at home looking after children and preparing a meal for when hubby comes in from work. I dread to think what else they could come up with. If UKIP was the only party, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for them.

  46. dave scott greasley says:

    Part of growing up is knowing the obvious but refraining from patronising people by telling us what we already know: biting your lip and counting to ten. We all know that every part of society has people skimming the cream off the top shall we say. The moral question then changes to, who is worse? Politicians, who already have a degree of wealth, ON THE TAKE or people who were born into poverty with no chance of ever earning what the dozing, grunting, candy crush-playing benchers earn for doing as little as is possible. Pot and kettle does seem to appear above their heads more than lightbulbs that’s for sure.

  47. Ok, to be fair, he hasn’t quite said disabled claimants are scroungers, but it can be inferred if he fails to provide the evidence that 75%, i.e. the vast majority of those claimants are as he describes. To make a statement like this without supporting it with something more than anecdotal evidence would be a clear sign of his intended slur on disabled claimants in my view.

  48. I worked full time in a great job in a law firm in London. . Have also got my level 3 counselling cert. I am since having a partial foot amputation, going almost blind, and getting rheumatoid arthritis, and angina, considered both disabled and unemployable. But the brain still works. So, Mr Ukip…..WILL YOU GIVE ME A WELL PAID FULL TIME JOB ?

  49. Bob Williams-Findlay says:

    I do love people like Bob Hope who can’t resist demonstrating how UKIP appeals to the ignorant bigots within the UK. Hope says UKIP doesn’t attack ‘genuinely’ disabled people but rather those who are frauds; unfortunately, this is the mantra that all the political parties who support welfare reform (sic) trot out – a mantra that is totally bankrupt. Why? Well, it ignores the reality of the situation; the savage assessments carried out by ATOS and Capita on behalf of the DWP have redrawn the contours around who is and who is not ‘fit for work’.

    Many sick and disabled people are being reported as ‘fit for work’ when they are not; the mass media are spreading the lies coming from the DWP. There have always been cheats, but since Labour and now the Coalition got into bed with UNUM, the numbers of disqualified claimants have shot up. Hopeless Bob and those who swallow without question the moral panics instigated by the Tory press fail to understand that this does add up to an attack upon disabled people. Anyone who uses the term ‘left cretins’ as a stereotype has no sense of irony.

  50. Krabbage McGiny says:

    While I agree that the article was badly written and people are indeed misreading it utterly, this fact is utterly obvious. Well, duh, of course there are people who scrounge and cheat. It’s the fault of TV programs like Benefits Britain and Benefits Street and all the other nonsensicle trash that glorifies being on the dole as an easy life, but this, and constant immigration has been going on for THOUSANDS of years, people..
    But, seriously What aren’t people LEARNING about these politicians? What aren’t you idiots getting? ALL of the parties will ultimately fail, including UKIP who i do not support as i think their views on the LGBT community are primitive and 13th century as their one-sided ramblings about immigration.
    Every single political party that has come about in the last few years have messed up the country one way or another, UKIP are not special and will be no different.
    They have an obvious point that everyone already knew, the percentage is irrelevant because you will never stop that utterly, but it is smaller than 75 percent.

    Same puppeteer, different strings.

  51. “UKIP stand a very good chance of winning the GE”


  52. Firstly not a supporter of any party at the moment. They are all as bad as each other. I don’t think this is directed at the genuine people who are on Benifits. People are jumpning to defend themselves when that isn’t neccessary. But if you are genuinely disabled you will realise that not everyone is entitles to the benifits you get. I worked upto I had a rare cancer which has left me with certain disabilities and up until I was pension age I was on Incapacity Benifit. Now I have my state pension. I am also an unpaid carer to my Stroke Victim Husband and Road Accident Son. I was never entitiled to a carers allowance becausde of my Incapacity Benifit and now Pension! But we do get a lot of help. I will be first to admit there are a lot of scoungers out there that a hard days work would kill. And these people make it bad for us genuine cases. A lot of what I call semi-disabled people are unemployable simply because firms will quote ‘Health and Safety’ rules for not employing
    them!! this is what the Government should be looking at. The people that use this for not employing because the disabled person might work or speak a little slower….that it will damage their image to clients and public. this is the type of person that should be blamed. Don’t get irate because the original post is directed at the scroungers not you! Hope this makes sence!

  53. how would you determine who is fit and who isn’t,i was born with no fingers on my right hand and have worked in heavy industry for many years and overcompensated with my left hand,i now suffer with problems in my left elbow I have tennis elbow and golfers elbow and my fingers have problems with the joints,i have a spinal problem and a curvature of the spine and nerve problems with my legs and feet,i also have high cholestoral and ocpd and I have shortness of breath probably from working in the foundries,i have a very poor sleep pattern and the conservative still think I am capable of working as I have a thumb and short stump on my deformed hand,my argument is I have to get through the rest of my life looking after myself with the thumb and stump..how would I be looked at by a ukip government,,scrounger or disabled,,look forward to your reply

  54. A relative of mine who has been partially sighted(almost blind) was begging for work constructing switches and was laughed out of a job centre about 16 yrs ago and things have only gotten worse since.

    To Imbeciles who think 75% of disabled benefits claimants fake it, look at the ONS stats on DLA fraud, 0.5%. Don’t believe me? Do your own impartial, unbiased research and you’ll find EXACTLY what I’ve been telling you. Are you really going to put your own uninformed beliefs over the competency of fraud investigators, opinions of impartial doctors and medical staff, of care givers and the ONS?

    The disabled are demonised, ridiculed, rejected from society and increasingly deprived of any chance at independant living or bettering their lot in life by people like you. You can’t comprehend the sheer DEVASTATION you are causing genuinely Ill people who want nothing more than to live independently rather than being stuck in a prison called home with a lifestyle you didn’t choose and have no say about. It isn’t fun. It’s claustrophobic, it’s mind numbingly monotonous, it’s depressing and at times it can make people feel suicidal because there is NO escape. Now, add to that increased hardship of financial instability AND the risk of homelessness because of the bedroom tax/SRSR and you’ll see why the disabled are up in arms. If you read this and you STILL feel that the disabled are scroungers, you truly must either have the IQ of a fart or are a psychopath.

  55. I hav asperges. Nd struggle every day with unddrstanding emotions and lots moor but i still no that lots of ppl lie and prtend t b disab le for money so yes there are scroungers…go ukip clean the dirt out of our country

  56. UKIP Got more chance of winning if hell freezes over. Who seriously wants Farage in power? Look at him, he’s a buffoon and a racist one too.

    Bob Hope, quit it with your bullshit!

  57. jill robinson says:

    the medicals and tribunals you have to go through are very difficult and you cant fake it in fact many really disabled people are classified as fit to work even when dying there have been many cases of this. . im sick of disabled people being called parasites . ukip are parasites

  58. I was a labour voter now wanting change. I’m guessing the media are crapping their pants of UKIP if they’re resorting to deceitful articles like this one, based on hearsay by The Star, what a shambles. I can’t blame the public for being suspicious of politicians that say they speak common sense, or hint at truth, we aren’t used to it after all. But this is just a plainly wrong article about a very heated subject. After reading this crap I urge people to vote according to what your gut feeling tells you, never mind the bollocks and don’t be swayed by the heavily biased press…

  59. Bob hope should stick to comedy,then again comedy would be a step down from hilarity.Stay as you are Bob.

  60. For goodness sake. The majority of you obviously cannot read or don’t want to read the article properly. When you have done so THEN comment
    Both myself and my daughter are disabled, both in wheelchairs yet my neighbour claims DLA etc and he walks into town, all around town, stands around watching the world go by, climbs on to shed roof, mows the lawn etc etc. He IS a benefit scrounger!!!!

  61. How the hell do you justify writing a headline like that, another site to add to blocked list so I don’t have to see your lying shite……………

  62. everyone has got the wrong idea of what he means about this, he means people who sit on their arses not looking for work, who can’t be arsed one bit to move out of bed and earn their money who claim they can’t work because they can’t stand up because they broke their little toe when they were in school or claim they can’t socialise with people because they suffer with anxiety so they can be handed money for doing nothing, when there is people out there who are made to go to work when they have cancer or some other serious illness ( these people should be given money because they simply cant work) yet it is all the wrong way round.

  63. @Norkes – right on!
    I work with severely disabled people in care who need 24/7 support and they got more guts in one finger than most of these typical claimants with the usual “bad back” .or the “depression/anxiety” or whatever other weakling excuses they elaborate to have an easy life living off the taxpayer. (like everbody I know half a dozen of these people personally, including in my own family!) The people I work with had a bad hand dealt and can’t do much at all but damn do they try hard and that is what we have to do – encourage self-reliance not dependence!

  64. Let me be clear theres genuine cases but plenty out there (see netmums etc) who just think benefits grow on trees – we’ll all have some of that yes lets get claiming! Then when theyre on that bandwagon theyre addicted an on it for life. Think most see it as normal as opposed to intended deception but its wrong.

  65. Harsh but brutally honest words – so so true. No wonder everyone wants to come here to UK knowing if they don’t work they can just retire on benefits like our own wasters do.

  66. Someone finally got round to it! ‘They come over here, take our jobs, live off benefits……. Hmm!
    Obviously John is a Ukip supporter.

  67. Someone finally got round to it! ‘They’ come over here, take our jobs, live off benefits……. Hmm!
    Obviously John is a Ukip supporter.

  68. I’m really fed up with the elite’s attitude towards the sick and disabled. The tories and UKIP are sounding like Nazis. I have a severe mental illness. I hear voices, see people that aren’t there and suffer from extreme paranoia that often stops me from leaving the house or answering the door to my carers. I cannot listen to phone messages as they cause me panic. I have been very ill for long periods of time. I have a psychiatrist and spent months with a psychologist also. Yet the tories and UKIP call me a scrounger or a sponger etc. I’m not a free loader. It’s the tories and the royal family who are the biggest scroungers.

  69. The biggest problem that causes upset for people commenting on this article is that they have not checked it. Unfortunately we live in a world where we can’t trust the media to print the truth or to not twist and misrepresent so called facts.
    I extremely disabled and take multiple cocktails of medical drugs each and every day. Over the last 3 years since my accident. My spines in two seperate pieces and both of those have had discs removed and vertebroplasty performed with some failures. I have permanent fractured bone marrow missing that should have refilled but can’t. My spinal cord is burnt and trapped in multiple locations and have multiple vertebrae compressions. I’ve had decompression on my left arm which only partially recovered due to how severed the nerves where. I also had a full spinal fixation which is failing and i need 2 more pages to write the rest.
    This article has been written to wind us all up into fury and isn’t correct. Torys have made the cuts attacking us not ukip

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