Imergrants did it

A UKIP councillor has tried to blame immigrants … because he is behind on his own council tax. Portsmouth’s Paul Godier was banned from voting on proposals for £13.1m worth of cuts at Portsmouth City Council because he is behind on payments to the authority. It has not been revealed how much he owes.

And it’s all because they came over here and bloody took his job:

“I have spent years as a low-skilled dockyard worker, but I can’t get any work in the dockyard because of the uptake of low-skilled foreign workers.

The gaffe comes a week after his party leader Nigel Farage was widely ridiculed for suggesting immigrants using the M4 made him late for a date with members who had paid £25 for the privilege of dining with him.

Cllr Godier is no stranger to these pages, having previously told a shocked council meeting that he used to be a drug dealer — before denying he said anything of the sort.

Presumably it’s also immigrants’ fault that he is housed by the local authority and continues to draw his councillors’ allowance of £10,382?

  1. valerie scott says:

    There are British workers working a full time job for less than his councillors’ allowance. They manage to pay their council tax! It’s been decades since most dock workers jobs disappeared – time to get upskilled.

  2. Superb, maybe this is the reason other people get picked over him for jobs, they are prepared to travel across a continent to better themselves, he is prepared to sit on his back side and blame others for him being unemployed while failing to do anything to retrain 😀

  3. Presumably there is work in Portsmouth doing jobs outside the docks? I can’t imagine school leavers in great numbers today expecting to spend their lives working on the docks. To have been elected a councillor, he must have some motivation or skills – else why is he claiming his £10k?

  4. He maybe behind on his council tax but is he a good councillor? Does he do a good job for the local community surely that it what a councillor should be judged on. Not his bank balance or debt. Whatever party he is from. So much ‘spin’ and trying to bring down parties that we loose sight of what people do. So many rich officials out for themselves these days judge the man on what he does not on his financial difficulties

  5. Steve. The point is that he blames immigrants and it’s clearly not their fault – it sounds like the blame lays closer to home. While I’m sympathetic to being unemployed – his reasoning is a bit suspect. With such poor judgement I’m not sure he should be allowed to go to the toilet by himself, never mind make decisions that might effect others.

  6. Nik is largely right, but this councillor almost certainly is not ‘unemployed’ – there have been cases of unemployed people not being allowed to keep their benefits if they stand for their local council because the Job Centre says they are not ‘available for work’ 24 hours a day 7 days a week (a very tough rule, but there it is). Lots of local councils pay a lot less than £10k a year – so even if he doesn’t have other forms of income he is actually relatively well off compared to ‘unemployed’ councillors on many local authorities. Being up-to-date on your council tax payments is a basic requirement for elected councillors, as checks are made before they are allowed to vote on the annual budget. If a councillor cannot even manage to keep on top of that issue I doubt they are doing much for their local community.

  7. The reality is that work in places like dockyards is increasingly automated and done by machines rather than workers. The robots are stealing our jobs.

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