Tylorstown Cosnervative Club (now food bank)

One for the ignorant Tories — such as millionaire minister Lord Freud — claiming that the growth in food banks is driven by demand for freebies (you actually have to be referred by an approved outside body).

Above is pictured Tylorstown Conservative Club in the Rhondda, which is now a, errrr, food bank. The ironic change in status was revealed by local MP (and shadow minister for welfare reform) Chris Bryant during DWP questions earlier.

But could his, errr, oral question love-ins with Iain Duncan Smith be coming to an end?

A former minister for Europe and shadow minister for immigration, he’s rumoured to have fallen out big time with his boss Rachel Reeves over her recent call (from the pages of Mail Online) for new EU migrant benefit curbs.

  1. Only a toff whoes chum antics such as false claims at our expense for freebies like tax payer funded duck houses and all the other allowances fiddles would think like that

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