Boris Johnson with David Hodge

With leaders of some of the Conservatives’ biggest councils starting to break ranks over the massive cuts heading their way, the Tory leader of Buckinghamshire County Council David Hodge (with Bozza above) told World At One earlier:

“I think we’ve reached the tipping point.We can’t just eat away at our back office services any more … people are really going to start noticing now.

This is coming from a man who decided to award himself a 60 PERCENT hike in his taxpayer-funded allowances (not including expenses) earlier this year. Addressing a full council meeting in May, greedy Cllr Hodge objected to the pay recommendations of an independent panel, not because their proposed 30% rise was inappropriate at a time of austerity, but because he wanted even morenamely a raise from £27,000 to £43,000.

With the councillors voting themselves a package of raises worth nearly £300,000 per year, even the local Tories were appalled — with a local MP calling for a “rethink” and other senior Conservative figures claiming the move was “blatant and spectacular greed”. Hodge then moved to block a debate on the issue after calls from local residents.

Did we mention he is refusing to guarantee children in the county a funded school place?

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