Timur Aker Tory attack leaflet

So the Tories down in Thurrock have decided to get into the race-baiting sewer, describing British-born half-Turkish UKIP MEP Tim Aker as ‘Timür’ (complete with umlaut) — a name he has not used since school.

And in case anyone doesn’t get the point, they’ve helpfully stuck a picture of hook-handed terror preacher Abu Hamza alongside.

With Lynton Crosby determined to keep campaigns on an extremely tight leash, however, Scrapbook isn’t sure this can be brushed off as ‘a little local difficulty’. Here is the sign-off process for literature in so-called 40/40 marginals like Thurrock:

CCHQ sign-off process

So did party HQ or other paid Tory staffers have sight of this material?

Though the campaign is local — Aker is trying to use the council as a stepping stone for an MP bid — the idea that regional party staff don’t have a hand in this campaign would be fanciful.

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