Russell Brand hypocrite The Sun

The sound of a barrel being scraped emanated from The Sun newsroom last night. Having ordered hacks to rake through Russell Brand’s finances, the best they could come up with (£) was the fact that his landlord — not Brand — avoids tax.

Perhaps they should have looked at their own arrangements. In September, Sun publisher News UK moved into ‘The Place’ (PDF) in London Bridge — known colloquially as ‘The Shard’s little brother’:

  • The Place is developed by Sellar Group on behalf of The Sun’s landlords LBQ Ltd — based in the, errrr,  tax haven of Jersey
  • And for some reason, the letting agents on the deal, Los Angeles-based CBRE, seem to have structured the ownership of their UK arm via a holding company in the Netherlands, which happens to be a favoured jurisdiction in the complex tax avoidance schemes favoured by American multinationals.

Slow clap.

  1. With this new found love of tax avoidance I look forward to reading more articles about the Guardian’s use of Cayman Island companies.

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