1. Not a great fan of Brand but I was quite impressed and a lot what he said made sense. He certainly took the wind out of Farage’s sails. The public school boy who still lives in the 50s.

  2. Watched programme last night and to be fair both of them had some interesting points which made sense but as per normal all they did was bicker like children

  3. Russel Brand is a pound shop Jesus . Having legitimate concerns over immigration does not make somebody a Nazi. I wonder what Enoch Powell would say about the Pakistani and Somalian rape gangs that have claimed literally thousands of British, underage, working class victims? It’s funny how you never see Russell Brand sticking up for those girls, and those whooping morons in the audience are always silent when that issues occurs. There is a clear difference between having a fair system of immigration, in which we allow in about 100,000 decent people, this is what UKIP want, and a system that Labour favour, in which the half a million people coming into Britain per year is considered sustainable and fair.

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