‘Red Ed’ was one of the principle anti-Miliband attack lines of the first two years of this parliament — a shorthand for his predilection, claimed by opponents of the Labour leader,  for regulating and/or nationalising anything that moves. And did you hear hear that his dad was a Marxist?

Discussing “whether you actually have economic powers and resources” devolved to the regions, John Prescott has only gone and called him that in the middle of an interview with the BBC:

“And that’s why Red Ed, is right to have a commission to look at these and not rush them through ready for the election, which Hague is now doing.”

So Tony Blair’s leftist foil calls Miliband ‘Red Ed’ and the Tory press office Twitter feed and right-wing tabloids don’t breathe a word.

So is the term ‘Red Ed — along with other attacks on Miliband as some form of far-left extremist — dead in the water?

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