Iain Duncan Smith laughing

Iain Duncan Smith has finally admitted that the use of food banks is linked to delays in his own department paying benefits — having previously attacked a charity for “scaremongering” when they suggested precisely that.

In amongst the usual IDS lies and bluster, Sunday Politics’ longest ever interview contained this concession to Andrew Neil:

AN: So you don’t agree with the [hunger in Britain] report when it says there would be fewer people having to use food banks if your department paid the claims more quickly?

IDS: Well if we could pay 100% more quickly then I’m certain of that, yes.

AN: Your department has previously denied there was any link between the rise in food banks and the delay in your department paying benefits

IDS: […] Some may be to do with some delays [by the DWP]

So how about an apology to the Trussell Trust, to whom he wrote last year claiming they had “repeatedly sought to link the growth in [their] network to welfare reform”.


  1. jeffrey davies says:

    a sorry excuss for a man killed many through his policys yet nothings done to show that his policys have driven many to death many to starvation and lose their homes all because of his policys jeff3

  2. We all knew this would happen sadly when labour said they backed this we all knew the disabled sick unemployed were again the target of politicians labour are proudly trying to end the bedroom tax. Yet they will not end the bed room tax the LHA on private renters which affects many disabled people.

  3. I want him to admit the link between sanctions and food banks – more serious, since sanctions can last longer than delays (depending on the cause of delay, of course) and involve punishing people for doing nothing wrong 🙁

  4. This man should come with a health warning. It is all good for him sitting in judgement of people he knows nothing about. He should be made to apologize publicly for just existing.

  5. That admission only goes so far. He needs to Admit to his “reforms” killing thousands of PEOPLE, not statistics but, at one time living, breathing, living, caring PEOPLE.

  6. I support dad’s, one of who is completely illiterate but has to do a universal job match to avoid sanctions…. It is intolerable in this day and age….

  7. Been a tory all my life. I am 71. Ive never known such a bunch of thieving robbing liars than this lot before. Its not as if labour or liberals are any better. Im left with a choice of ukip, bnp, or the monster raving looney party.looks like i will have to keep my party hat after christmas and join the looney party. At least you know where you are with them. Round the bloody bend.

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