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With yet another report blaming food poverty on delays in benefit payments, George Osborne will likely be called on to take personal responsibility for his role in a rise in food poverty — after he acted to deliberately increase waiting times for desperate claimants.

Ignoring warnings, the millionaire chancellor introduced the tough-looking measure at the 2013 Spending Review — after which the number of food bank users surged by 50%.

“We will also introduce a new seven-day wait before people can claim their benefits. Those first few days should be spent looking for work, not looking to sign on.”

With the government consistently claiming that there is “no robust evidence that welfare reforms or benefit administration are linked to increased use of food banks”, perhaps Gideon and pals will now listen to members of their own party — the Feeding Britain report authors include Conservative MPs Sarah Newton and John Glen (who was previously the Tories’ director of research), along with peer Baroness Jenkin.

They state that:

“Benefit-related problems was the single biggest reason given for food bank referrals by almost every food bank that presented evidence to us.

Delays are a singled out as a “key reason” for people turning to food banks:

“We heard extensive evidence suggesting that lengthy delays in the administration, and subsequent receipt, of benefit payments is causing severe hardship for new claimants.

But what’s a few hungry families when you can look nice and tough for the Daily Mail, eh George?

  1. Amelia Louise Ashton-Brooke says:

    I really think they see people living in poverty and dying after being found fit for work as sport and are pushing to see how far they can go before people say enough is enough. Unfortunately those most needing to say it die so it is up to the rest of us. Fox hunting with dogs took away their fun so these vindictive little bullies have found their fun in other ways.

  2. valerie scott says:

    Could we not freeze his bank accounts for a couple of years while we investigate his expenses claims. It is shocking that the poor cannot afford to eat whilst MPs in Westminster have a (tax-payer subsidised) restaurant and bar, and are so mean that they claim a refund for a bag of crisps.

  3. These aren’t “austerity measures”. These are measures the Tories have always wanted to implement. They are just carrying on where Thatcher left off and will be permanent, if they are allowed to carry on.

  4. What justice or fairness is there, in stopping someones existing benefits whenever there is a change in circumstances, especially if the effect of the change will result in a increase. Suspension of all funds is cruel. Sanctions are cruel. Our government states time and time again, that these actions are necessary and help those in dire need. But of course it is plain to see, indeed blindingly obvious that this is not the case, therefore there must be an ulterior motive. There is, and it is evil. The product of evil people, designed for their own agenda. Read these sorry tales and see if you don’t agree.

  5. Now that you have to get a Government Gateway number to register with the very same jobcentre as you go to to sign on for benefits, surely you should be first in the queue on a Monday morning to gain access to all of these “approved” and “checked” job applications you are forced to provide evidence of sending to? If it happens that you make an appointment to see an advisor the following Monday to start a claim then so be it. How else can you do what you are supposed to any other way?

  6. What a shameful legacy. Death and penury. And they didn’t even have a mandate to start with. people forget they never won the election in 2010. It’s almost like they’re acutely aware of it though and are implementing “scorched earth” policies. They’re trying to reverse all the social changes of the last century, taking back everything that was so hard-won in a brutal and arrogant fashion while shifting billions of pounds into their super-rich backers’ already bloated bank accounts. History will surely judge thisas the most brutal tenure of any government for more than 100 years. They make the Thatcher years seem like a picnic.

  7. Michael Thompson says:

    British Citizen, “””I really think they see people living in poverty and dying after being found fit for work as sport and are pushing to see how far they can go before people say enough is enough. Unfortunately those most needing to say it die so it is up to the rest of us. Fox hunting with dogs took away their fun so these vindictive little bullies have found their fun in other ways”””

    This is precisely what Cameron and Osborne are doing. Its such a shame that the majority of British people are politically docile. If the British were politically educated, They would never elect another Tory Government to power again..

  8. dorothy badrick says:

    It took over a YEAR for ATOS (Tossers) to give me an appointment for a “medical” for PIP. I am lucky I have a roof over my head two sons to help and a bloodyminded attitude even when I
    am on the floor – which I was. God alone knows how people without support survive. Well they don’t do they? they suffer and some die. This government has got blood on it’s hands.

  9. I suspect that the only reason this rotten kakistocracy has not brought back the work houses of the nineteenth century is that the building programme would cost too much money. It’s surely far more cost effective to allow the poor to starve in their own homes than it would be to create institutions where they could be warehoused away from public gaze.

  10. Paul C. Dickie says:

    Recently, this video was blocked on YouTube because of a copyright claim concerning the performance of Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” which accompanies the content. I found another copy of it, uploaded it to YouTube and changed the soundtrack to a different performance which seems to be acceptable to YouTube.

    The video contains brief details of some of the victims of this heartless regime.

  11. We have a Minister for Wales from labour spouting if Labour win they will need to keep the Tories welfare cuts, it seems that people who lose a job, people who are sick disabled people who retire cost the country money so do not count any more.

    I’m sure the Tories will be returning us to the 1930’s, when we had a labour party which was formed for the working class not the hard working, these days you cannot count on Labour to be the party of the working class it’s to busy looking after the middle class.

  12. its disgusting what this government is doing treating the working class like dirt the tories are nothing but a bunch of born into money arseholes that never had to worry about going out of food or know what its like to struggle from day to day this government has to go

  13. Another example of ‘Laisez Faire that wiped out one million enforced subjects in Ireland in a Government orchestrated ‘famine’, sorry, genocide. Wake up you people, The WHIGS are back and the food bank staff are the Quakers.

  14. We can have our say next year, if Labour don’t reverse things we must force change. Let us not forget WE are in the majority here, civil disobedience on mass will cripple the courts and the whole system, it’s our civic duty to reclaim our nation!

  15. Sort of with you on that, Glyn Buckley.
    How long are we going to let this vicious pre-meditated vandalism go on? Do you think that an election will do it?

  16. fiona McCormick says:

    I am a single 58 year old lady with No savings at all. I am unemployed not out of choice.? I have good qualifications. I do not drink smoke or do drugs. I have been told I will not get a Benefit payment until 31st of December so No Christmas for me. I have No heating at all it is Freezing. I also have to top up my rent from my JSA if it is stopped I cant pay my rent Eat or have any Heating lights or cook.

  17. its not going to be so easy to get rid of the torys, the middle and upper classes will still vote for them, as for labour they are totally with the torys on all these benefit cuts, the workers party are now only looking out for themselves and their rich tory friends , the .between benefit cuts, low wages and zero hours contracts, the working class are being pushed back to the days of the workhouse, believe me its only a matter of time. and now with the new gagging laws we wont even be able to talk about it. apparently speaking out against this government in now classed as terrorism.

  18. As a security officer in a Birmingham benefit and housing office, I see it first hand. I see people whole have worked all their life being made to go to food banks, and I’ve seen ex forces personnel being driven to getting a £50 Visa card to survive. And I’ve also seen people who have been in this country for 5/6months get all they ask for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being prejudice, but I think if u look after one, u need to look after the rest (ours)

  19. This is so true I found my self signing on for the first time in 20 odd years of working earlier this year because of family circumstances. It took nearly 6 wks for my money to be sorted I was left at that point with barely any money to survive on, if it wasn’t for a family member helping me and my children out I would of been one of the numbers Using a food Bank however not everyone is fortunate to have a helping friend or relative… I think these numbers are only the tip of the iceberg…. Wake up government stop penalising the poor….

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