Lib Dem bird poos on Tory

It was supposed to be a report on the policymaking role of government special advisers — but wonking former Vince Cable SpAd turned FT leader writer Giles Wilkes can’t help laying into Number 10’s attempts to trample on workers’ rights at the behest of a Tory donor.

His inside account of the Beecroft Report will not make pleasant reading for its author — or for others in Whitehall who advocated the removal of protections such that employers could fire staff at will:

“there was no evidence that [Adrian Beecroft] had any specific expertise in employment law, apart from his own distant experience of difficulties removing a staff member.

“For the report he wanted to write, he had one overriding view: that the right to protection from unfair dismissal was an impediment to getting rid of underperforming staff.

“The central claim that Britain’s employment laws are ‘terrible’ was given only anecdotal support.

Having tried to impose their man on Lib Dem-run BIS, Number 10 only gave up on the proposal when they realised it would make them look bad:

“Political common sense only entered the story once the Prime Minister himself started to think about it, after [the report was leaked].

“I cannot recall whether any thought had been given to how the Opposition might make mischief with the Coalition appearing to do the bidding of a wealthy party donor urging the removal of workers’ rights.

The claim that the Labour Party’s policy process has been captured by union cash will endure as a Tory attack line …

… but to Scrapbook’s knowledge, Comrade Len has never been dispatched to a government department to write his own report.

  1. There are many inefficient and under-powered IT systems, and many managers who don’t understand them as well as they should. It is often convenient to blame the lower ranking staff rather than the suppliers of the software and computer equipment, (who are well-defended). A great deal of money is wasted by such systems.

    Making it easier to sack whistleblowers and scapegoats will waste money in the long run, and a great deal of this money is public money.

  2. Next they’ll be suggesting that workhouses be reintroduced and the age for full time employment be lowered to 8 years. We need rid of these selfish morons asap

  3. Generally this Government have taken a stance against employee rights. The introduction of tribunal fees to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal and a further fee for an actual hearing being just one example. It is really obvious that a Party that relies on big-business donations will tend to favour their agenda. It shows the need for Trade Union organisation in the workplaces. Sadly, many only realise the benefit of belonging to a Union when they run into problems and many Unions (not ours as we operate a special scheme) will not take on a case pre-dating membership. If you are not in a Union you should join one!

  4. If any staff have under-performed, the should be dismissed. the only people going to tribunal are those claiming “racial discrimination.” But if under performance is the issue, it should be thrown out of court and the ex-employee made to PERSONALLY pay the court costs and companies costs for wasting their time. No legal aid should be given if it is deemed that the claim was an unjustified attempt to avoid the real reasons for the sacking. That would put a stop to it straight away. I have been called a racist because I got immigrants sacked for sleeping on duty in security jobs when I was a supervisor, it’s the first thing they say in an attempt to get their own way, all they want to do is sleep and get paid for doing it.

    But then Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Farage will always give them the right to shout racism because they want their votes.

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