It’s not every day that The Sun gives column space to someone calling for stronger regulation of the press:

“I believe strongly in press freedom. But it should hold the rich and powerful to account, not mock and undermine the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

“So I support transgender campaigners who are calling for a more effective press code to ensure papers show respect and sensitivity.

But then it’s not every day that they’re trying to avoid an apology to its author, who had to put up with this “joke” published by the same newspaper. A petition calling for precisely that from editor David Dinsmore currently has 20,000 signatures.

Their room for manoeuvre is severely restricted — as they can’t go with ‘one rogue columnist’ excuse of the views of┬áRod Liddle not representing their editorial line.

Back in August they ran a whole front page comparing trans former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney to a pantomime dame.

  1. Hell this is labour favourite paper we say the labour leader wearing the sun tee shirt and holding the paper. and of course Murdoch child has an ex leader as a god father.

    This should be expected from these people. the one way to get these papers to stop this, is to stop buying the crap

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