Andrew Lansley argues with protester

Tomorrow’s Guardian features a story based on a ComRes poll showing David Cameron holds a two-point lead (22% to 20%) over Ed Miliband as the party leader most trusted on the NHS (Labour as a whole lead 25% to 22%).

The paper give space for Mike Birtwistle, “a founding partner at the consultancy firm Incisive Health, which commissioned the survey”, to put the boot in:

“As we move into an election year, Labour, and in particular Ed Miliband, still have a good deal of work to do on health. A raft of policy initiatives have yet to translate into personal trust on the NHS. These findings will be a worrying reality check for Labour.”

Could Incisive be the health lobbying firm which which Birtwistle co-owns with Bill Morgan  — Tory special adviser to health secretary Andrew Lansley until he was booted out along with his boss in September 2012?

The very same.

  1. Don’t forget that the Guardian is a lib dem supporting paper. They love giving Labour a kick and having lib dem puff pieces while glossing where they can. Hopefully it will change when Rusbridger goes.

  2. Daley Gleephart says:

    Comments on the Guardian website include many pointing out who commissioned the survey. Also, some have wondered why the newspaper has chosen today to publish when the Incisive Health survey was made available in August of this year.

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