Bunny La Roche on Question Time

The Question Time set piece of Russell Brand vs Nigel Farage (VIDEO) was in danger of being upstaged at one point during tonight’s show — when the audience started fighting with each other over whether the UKIP leader was “a racist scumbag”:

“I live in South Thanet and I’m coming for you, Nigel Farage, don’t you bloody worry!”

The Twitter hivemind immediately noticed that the lady in question bore an uncanny resemblance to activist Bunny la Roche of the Thanet Stand Up To UKIP campaign and formerly the SWP:

Bunny la Roche

Perhaps Farage should be grateful that she didn’t have a placard. Here’s a protest she helped to organise in Margate:

Nigel Farage Margate

A resident of the constituency  in which the UKIP leader hopes to get elected, Farage’s election agent can probably put her down as a ‘no’.

  1. And if she is the same lady, what’s the problem? You might find her views extreme but anyone who can discredit Farage and take him down is valuable.

  2. Ah the intolerant & fascist far left who love democracy as long as it serves them at it again I see, she’s certainly a credit to the SWP loud mouthed & bullying & shouts anyone down who disagrees with her reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany perhaps!

  3. I think her angry rant was disgusting! What a role model!
    I don’t know what her group stands for as she didn’t even make any points during her tirade but I don’t think Nigel has anything to worry about with regards to that complete mess.

  4. She clearly made the point that Farage and every other politician who blames immigrants for the cut backs of this (and the last) government is scapegoating the blameless so as to defend the bankers and business class who have caused this crisis.

  5. She ain’t no SWP member: she resigned in disgust over the SWP leadership covering up the rape of a young member by a former member of their leading body.

  6. Her presence was obviously carefully orchestrated by the BBC. I caught a glimpse of her screeching something from the shadows at the back of the hall. It reminded me of something out of ‘Macbeth’. Poisoned entrails all right.

  7. What a horrible looking specimen she is or is it a man??the Uaf are nothing but labour far left funded thugs and scum who are against Britain and the genuine working classes there aim is to destroy Britain ,just Complete left wing trash and I will always confront them on the streets..

  8. And as for that fake ugly coke head mrs brand ,a total joke he is a pound shop Trotsky the clown who pretends to be working class but in fact sold his sole to the well to do but he won’t tell people that though will he ,likeost of the liberal left wing loonies who are middle class but are pretending to be working class ,left wing fascists the lot of them …

  9. I’m surprised to learn this woman is a school teacher. She wouldn’t be teaching my kids if she was at their school!

  10. She made her point in her own way. Shouting at people is not the best way to go about getting a point across grant it. I can’t help but wonder if all those on here calling her a fascist for shouting over people, say the same about Britain First when they take to the streets with a mobile PA system to shout over people in a much louder manner.

    I agreed with her point, just not the way in which it was made. UKIP and other such parties are scapegoating the situation bankers have left us in by blaming everything on Immigrants.

    Nigel even tried to claim we are short of Doctors due to being over ran with Immigrants, yet the same person has been known to complain that most our doctors are immigrants. If the irony is not obvious to you, then nothing ever will be.

  11. Went to see Farage talk at a meeting in Dudley outside were the young socialist protesters holding up banners objecting to UKIP policies, they were most distressed when I looked at each and every one of them and pointed out they were actually objecting to labour policies not UKIP ones. This was particularly true of the labour privatisation of the NHS which UKIP want to reverse.

  12. Tony if you listened before starting to write you would find that Farage states that we are short of Doctors not because of immigrants but because the racist eussr policy on immigration actually means we have to accept all and sundry from the eussr nations but find it more difficult to recruit Doctors from India for example, our traditional pool for Doctors. Wanting control and selection who comes to your nation is in line with the vast majority of nation throughout the world, and indeed it would also help the nations who are losing their skilled workers who come here not to use their skills but to earn more money labouring. Please pay attention to what is actually being said not what you want to hear. BTW this racist you refer to has a German wife, so much for racism eh.?

  13. BBC certainly dumbing down inviting people like her to participate in the show. Her vitriolic attack on Nigel Farage was disgraceful and brings nothing to reasoned debate.
    Personally I am fed up with the term ‘racist’ being applied when anyone tries to open a debate on immigration, Islam, Muslim etc. it is not racist to talks about the merits or not of immigration.

  14. how are ukip racist?
    Because we want to vet people coming in and control the boarders stop people with criminal records coming in stop unskilled people coming over
    Is that racist? I thought being racist was hating against a race! Not if they have a criminal record or what qualifications they have!
    People need to look up the meaning of things before they point the finger

  15. Just had a great idea-why don’t Bunny and Russell get together and form a double act!. They could entertain us all by shouting each other down.

  16. People like her really do scare me. I am 18 years old (remember that). I was with my dad at the Heywood and Middleton local elections. I was so proud as I got to meet somehigh up people like John Bickley, our candidate, Steve Woolfe who I am proud to say is now a good friend of mine and I had the privilege of meeting Nigel himself. Afterwards I went to a cafe where, unfortunately, there were ukip protestors. They started off giving me dirty looks and whispering obscenities, eventually I told them that they were embarassing themselves and one of them, about 30 yeard old i think, got up and punched me in the face and yelled “dont talk to me you f***ing racist”. I still stayed because I wasn’t prepared to let this man ruin my day. So all of you who greatly oppose Ukip, remember it is extremists like you who seem to have no problem beating up teenagers. Furthermore I’m mixed race myself so I hardly think ukip is racist at all.

  17. I think it is about time that the ‘racist’ word thats being shouted at people …should be challenged legally for slander

  18. did you all no bunny she calls herself on the streets, she is a street walker.. she couldn’t keep that from us for long and she thinks her shit dont stink.. well let me tell ya bunny you sad cow it does more then most

  19. Vote UKIP and stop the likes of this scary looking vile woman from teaching our children in schools, UKIP is the only hope we have to take our country back to its Great Pride.

  20. I think it’s a real shame that Ms LR is unable to discuss anything political without calling her opponent a homophobe or racist. I’ve known Bunny for quite a while, in reality when she’s not being venomous she’s quite a good laugh and it was quite bizarre when she accused me of being a racist and homophobe (because I actively support UKIP) until I pointed out my wife is Asian and my best friend gay! Once she realised what she said she retracted and said “well yeah I know you aren’t a racist…” . Bunnies views are very extreme, she is venomous and nasty, she won’t listen to anyone else’s point of view, I’m surprised the SWP have anything to do with her and she’s unlikely to change, however, the bounty put on her head by an extreme right wing “party” is wrong and should it come to fruition the person people who do it should be considered as bad as Bunny and her followers and should be locked away for a long time.

  21. 6 Fairfield
    On immigration,
    We should be making those counties better so the people dont want to leave,the UK cant take every ones problems, its about space not race,

  22. bunny blob mouth says:

    scumbag extreme lefists can give it but cant take it.absolute gormless cunts the lot of them

  23. bunny blob mouth says:

    also,why are the commies like bunny boiler such ugly mingers with dyed hair,never seen a good looking leftie woman.

  24. Now shes doing the anti trump bit, with a few others who don’t work, also 3 kids that wasn’t in school today? I live 3 roads away from the hall in Broadstairs, where they’re meeting. I pass onthe way home each night. my 1st time i had the displeasure of meeting her was in whistable, a pub gig (Duke of Cumberland) i was djn, looked to the small dance floor, to see her jumping up and down, on a union jack + usa flag, of mine that was up on a wall? The monday after i went to work, boss told me she was his wifes cousin, always been a fruit cake, never had a job. some one said she was a teacher? lol

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