Neil Hamilton

UPDATE: As Scrapbook suspected, BBC Look North confirmed last night that the whole process has been referred to the NEC — the same NEC that defenestrated their own candidate in Clacton for Douglas Carswell.

UKIP have literally held their selection meeting for Boston and Skegness — deemed by academics Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford to be the party’s second best prospect — in a brewery: namely that of XXXB producer Bateman’s.

But it gets better. Now they won’t actually tell anyone who won. The BBC’s regional political editor:

Could the delay in announcing the victor have anything to do with the leading candidate being, errr, Neil Hamilton?

There’s certainly no love lost between Farage and the brown-envelope-loving former Tory MP. And having finally ditched Godfrey Bloom, UKIP might be loathe to fill the vacant position of Gaffe-Generator-In-Chief with a candidate who is not only less personable but also became a byword for 1990s corruption and sleaze.

Buying themselves a few day’s breathing space, is it possible that the party plan to get their National Executive Committee to overrule a Hamilton victory?

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