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With a significant proportion of political literature going straight from the doormat to the bin, parties are in the habit of disguising their output as ‘community newsletters’ and other things people might actually read.

And while leaflets have been seen aping middle-market Hello and OK magazines, no candidate has yet been vain enough to produce a high-end ‘lifestyle magazine’ about themselves … until now.

Voters in the marginal constituency of Lincoln are being treated to copies of the purportedly independent LincolnREVIEWkeeping them abreast of the sporting and charidee exploits of their bigot of a Tory MP, Karl McCartney.

The fawning written copy wouldn’t be out of place in North Korea:

“The LincolnREVIEW commends Karl for all his hard work in bringing better rail services to the City”

“What do you do for relaxation?” [question in “exclusive interview”]

LincolnREVIEW caught up with Lincoln’s Member of Parliament Karl McCartney to talk about the fight to save his local [GP] surgery

“With infrastructure projects underway across the city, LincolnREVIEW asked Karl McCartney, our Member of Parliament for Lincoln about all the exciting plans.”

But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

This is a man who waged a three-year campaign over the font used for his surname, forcing parliamentary staff to print ‘McCartney’ on the order paper with a superscript small ‘c’.

  1. A marginally less blatant version of this was done for Lib Dem Jody Dunn back in the Hartlepool by election (2004?). Remember it got a fairly reasonable reception on the doorstep

  2. Just another in a long line of pretentious pricks the long suffering electorate have to put up with ! Lock them all up in “duck houses” I say surrounded , of course, by well maintained moats 🙂

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