Tory mansion tax leaflet

What’s currently hitting doormats in some of the poshest postcodes in London: a Tory donation drive off the back of the Mansion Tax, accompanied by a letter from Boris Johnson — who himself owns an Islington town house worth at least £2.5 million.

The Conservatives claim that many of those charged will be ‘asset rich, cash poor’ individuals such as pensioners but this didn’t stop them setting the minimum suggested donation tier at, errr, £250rising to a whopping £5,000.

The enclosed donation form — headed by an entreaty from Boris to “help me fight this brutally unfair tax” — also attempts to rope recipients into one of their donor clubs:

“please consider becoming a principal donor and joining one of our supporter groups. We offer many levels from The Party Patrons Club at £500 per year to our Leader’s Group at £50,000.”

Fight the Mansion Tax — by giving the Tories more than the measure would have cost you in the first place!

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