You’ll need to pay close attention.

At PMQs on 29 October David Cameron promised there would be a vote on the European Arrest Warrant — viewed by the usual suspects as a tentacle of a creeping EU superstate — before the Rochester and Strood by-election.

When it came to the crunch in the last hour, however, Theresa May claimed that the EAW won’t need a proper vote as it doesn’t need to be ‘transposed in law’ — unlike other measures in the government’s motion, which are actually being debated and voted on.

This intervention from Jacob Rees Mogg gives a flavour of what May is having to put up with from her own backbenchers:

Looks like Ed Miliband owes Theresa May a drink.

  1. Might I suggest that those members of the Conservative Oarty who consider that they have been tricked by May and the deliberate dishonesty of Cameron vote against the EAW by forthwith defecting to UKIP.
    And then call a vote of “No confidence” in the Government.
    Now is a very good time!

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