Straight Choice in Rochester and Strood leaflet

With under a week to go until polling day in Rochester and Strood, the Tories are ramping up their attacks on UKIP defector Mark Reckless. Not only does their latest leaflet (above) recall the most notorious campaign literature in British by-election history — but attacks him for having the CV of a not untypical Tory MP:

  • Born and bred outside of the constituency
  • Working in financial services
  • Working as a Tory researcher

The most eyebrow raising attack has proven to be on Reckless attending Oxford — like 73 Tory MPs, including, errr, David Cameron.

Indeed. Here’s how the leaflet could be adapted for use in Witney:

David Cameron Rocherster-style 'straight choice' leaflet

Scrapbook trusts that the dozens of ‘political class’ researchers and Oxford grads drafted in to Kent this week will enjoy popping these through letterboxes.

Or perhaps not.

  1. I’m sorry, but the only REAL points that should be compared are:

    Their employment, i.e. Reckless as well as Cameron have done no real work.
    Their background, i.e. Where they went to school and how long they lived in the area before election.

    Their place of birth doesn’t really matter, I moved into the town I live in at the age of 7, but I think of myself more as a resident of where I live than where I was born. The length of time before representing the constituency is more important.

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