EDL Tommy Robinson with flag

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has apparently been forced to sell his home to pay a £125,000 proceeds of crime order. Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) was landed with the bill after pleading guilty to a £162,000 mortgage fraud, a conspiracy to obtain two loans from Abbey and Halifax banks by false representation.

Robinson’s Twitter account has tweeted an image of a fax from fraud solicitors to Winchester prison, to which he had been recalled after breaching the terms of his license:

“Mr Lennon has a Proceeds of Crime order against him and in order to pay that needs to sell his property. The parties to that sale are due to exchange tomorrow and as such Mr Lennon’s signature is required on the attached document as a matter of urgency.

Tommy Robinson proceeds of crime confiscation

Scrapbook wonders whether Robinson has asked the Bank of Quilliam for assistance.

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