Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

A former confidant of Iain Duncan Smith has dramatically turned on him over Universal Credit, making claims in a radio interview that completely undermine not only press briefings on the botched project — but statements by the cabinet minister to parliament.

Stephen Brien is credited as being the ‘architect’ of Universal Credit. Having developed the policy while working at a think tank founded by IDS, the former Tory leader then brought him into DWP to help him deliver the programme.

Despite having a ‘point man’ on the project, Duncan Smith had claimed that officials had kept him totally in the dark about the project’s failures — publicly blaming his top DWP civil servant in a near-unprecedented breach of protocol.

But in an interview with economist Jonathan Portes (@jdportes) for Radio 4’s Analysis broadcast last night, however, Brien throws IDS under the bus, claiming that “things started to go off track … from relatively early on” and that the minister knew precisely what was happening — because he was briefing him personally!

“I would see him on a nearly daily basis. My office was across the corridor from him. I would join him for all the senior meetings about the programme. I would keep him updated as a result of the other meetings and issues I was addressing within the programme team.”

IDS told parliament in March 2013 that Universal Credit was “proceeding exactly in accordance with plans”. So, errr, why does Brien say that it was clearly going tits up in Summer 2012?

“When it became materially obvious we had to change plans it was over that summer.”

The interview comes eleven months after Scrapbook was the first to cite Brien’s role in the Universal Credit team and his closeness to IDS as a key plank of the case against IDS’ timeline of events.

It’s clear as day that IDS has talked utter bilge to parliament. If parliament is doing its job properly then we’ll see him explaining himself at the despatch box before the end of the week.

  1. Anyone who has participated in the whole area of this conservative led welfare reform is no friend to the disadvantaged ,they are no friend to Britain and certainly no friend to any civil,caring society.I am deeply ashamed of these people representing the UK,morality and conscience all discarded as they have written policies that they know will take lives and they they now know has taken lives,causing untold misery and suffering for their fellow man.

  2. ji, I agree with you wholeheartedly, I cannot believe that these people are still in power when you think of the lies and deceit they’ve continually used to manipulate the general populous. I’m over 60 now, I’m tired, I ache and my memory is sliding away but instead of retiring I’m signing on and being treated like a naughty child who isn’t trying hard enough. I’m sick of the lying, cheating, evil lot of them. :o(

  3. Westminster is nothing but a web of conspiracies and lies. Here we have Ian Duncan Smith caught out as a liar (imagine that a politician lying) but I have to ask why didn’t this aide shout out sooner. The Tories indeed even Labour will not be happy until those unable to work and the elderly die off and those that are able to survive are in work house producing “This is what a feminist looks like T shirt”. The IDS story breaks on the same day that it is announced that MPs will no longer face investigation over their expenses after all the documents have been destroyed! Seems to be the new pastime at Westminster – document shredding

  4. Most savvy observers were well aware that IDS was lying all along. However, it’s good to have some independent evidence backing this impression up.

  5. Trevor Dalley says:

    He is a waste of space. Just before last Chrismas he walked out of a parliamentary debate on poverty and food banks. He couldn’t care less. My wife, who is nearly seventy was out in the pissing rain delivering Xmas food parcels to the needy so I fired off an email to my local cons. MP George Eustice telling what I thought of DS, but he never answered. He couldn’t care less either.

  6. Angela Sandford says:

    Not only should ids be removed from Government immediately – but he should have his arse dragged in front of a judge for the untold misery and DEATHS this man has caused. Shame on Cameron for keeping him this long….all I can say is ids must have some pretty incriminating dirt on his Party and PM….that’s the only logical explanation I can come to that this awful awful an has stayed so long!

  7. Kelvin Leathem says:

    There’s an old saying: ‘The people get the Government they deserve’.
    This is the consequence of either voting them in…or not voting them out (Unfortunately.i’m also guilty of the latter, but never again)
    Have you noticed that the people in other countries…even those under repressive military dictatorships…don’t seem to have any trouble taking to the streets and removing any government that doesn’t truly represent them?
    We, collectively, do nothing but complain…and what difference will that make to a government that neither listens to or cares from its people??

  8. Michele Bohan says:

    He is a liar, a psychopath, and a bitter and twisted inadequate little man! He should be on trial for genocide along with “Fat Dave”, “Gideot” and the rest of the Tory (third) Reich! They are disgusting excuses for human-beings and I hope “what goes around comes around” and they pay the price for their lies, their smears; their brutality – and the deaths of the sick, disabled and unemployed they hounded and abused! I hate them and I want them gone forever!

  9. As soon as this shower got in power they immediately changed the life of a government to a fixed term five years thus unless their puppies the Lib Dems renaged they could more or less do what they wanted and have done precisely that.

  10. Between IDS, Blair, Purnell, Freud, and the rest of these politician who think people with cancer or people with disabilities are raking it in for god sake, I worked for 36 years then an accident at work left me with Paraplegia and I get £96 a week in bloody benefits. I had to battle ATOS to win my benefits back and in the end they actually said it’s our task to save the Government money.

    To be honest these day it’s hard to tell what colour these politician pretend to be, labour are now Blue labour, the Tories tell us they care. Lying bunch of toads the lot.

  11. Yes, agree with all above. A lying waste of space with nothing bit contempt for the disabled and needy. That goes fir Cameron too. I used to be proud of our country , not any more. Pretending the sick will never go without whilst marching them to their deaths by denying them basic fundamental rights we took for granted under labour. They deserve to rot in hell for what they have done to this country

  12. We have to get them out. The progressive alliance of Plaid Cymru, Greens and SNP would give us enough seats to make such a difference. Take away their power – it’s so important.

  13. We can moan all we want, this is after all who we voted for, and likely who’s gonna be in power for the next five years unless we get off our backsides and vote them out, these guys have never done a hard days work in their entire lives, but think it’s great to work for d**k nmw, who think its funny that people in our nation are starving,killing them selves, and resorting to crime just to survive, this government feel our pensioners are only worth 165 a week with no help for rent, but they can’t survive on 300 a day plus the rest. We really gonna do something about it? Sad fact is we won’t, not until it’s affecting us, wake up UK before it’s too late.

  14. Jeff Nicholas says:

    I agree with all the comments above but as long as the two Eds are leading the Labour party, the Tories will get back in. Labour should be surging ahead in the polls but the opposite is true. Blair ruined Labour and shouldn’t been allowed ti sray in number 10 for so long because he made his party as blue as the selfservatives.

  15. we the people are to blame! I myself voted Conservative (an error) but Labour was bankrupting us, let’s be honest, whoever rules us, we have to live within our means! As Dave said ” we are all in this together” so bankers have their salaries doubled or more, politicians have their 11% pay rise and because this figure is so small, they cheat on expenses and shred the evidence. Well, as I said, it’s up to us the people to do something about it, but more often than not when an injust government is replaced, it is replaced with something worse!

  16. Landless Peasant says:

    Isn’t it illegal for an MP and a Minister to lie to Parliament? Throw him in the Tower of London. Off with his head!

  17. Why is it that the British people just complain about things to other people who don’t do anything about what they are complaining about.

  18. IDS like Grayling are both a waste of space. The damage those two cretins have done to this country will take years to repair

  19. I honestly believe that the original intention of the Government was to rid the welfare system of the feckless, lazy and idle individuals that everyone knew about. Their big mistake was entrusting IDS to go anywhere near it. He has turned it into a vile, personal crusade to belittle, alienate and humiliate anyone with a disability and in doing so has successfully recruited the media who now condemn at will, anyone in receipt of benefits.

    It is reminiscent of the persecution of minorities which has happened elsewhere in the world in decades gone by and IDS is no different to the perpetrators. He is a lying, egotistic, fantasist who will sacrifice anyone in pursuit of his aims. The truth doesn’t matter, only his objectives.

  20. You poor deluded soul. This Govt’s original intention was ALWAYS the destruction of social security, to make claiming benefits such a humiliating, soul-destroying experience we’d rather take any old shit job (seemingly the only kind on offer at the mo) than endure their sick social experiment in human misery a moment longer. It was NEVER about saving money and so it has proved. It was ALWAYS about getting people used to the idea of not having a welfare state and submitting to their new status of slaves. We can only pray for a Labour/Green coalition. Anything else will deliver endless austerity and the new feudal society that both the Tories and (to their eternal shame) bought-off Labour have in store for us. They both dance to the New World Order tune and the lyrics are shit.

  21. Jean "Pebbles" Goodrich says:

    Totally agree with all above. Come back Guy Fawkes. This lot in power now are a bunch of dissociative greedy liars and must be got rid of as quickly as possible and never allowed to return

  22. Lynne Robinson says:

    Universal Credit is not possible. The Government buys cheap computer systems which are not able to cope with the complexity of delivering so many benefits together. This is the reason only single people have been switched over. The Chancellor is signing off huge sums of money wasted on this failure and the Government is trying to get to the election without admitting this huge Albatross around their neck, someone should make the own up to this monumental failure.

  23. Alex Marshall says:

    When they do sack IDS, he’ll get a peerage. You mark my words – as they say. That’s what happens to failed politicians

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