Rebekah Wade

Former red top editor Rebekah Brooks would regularly turn the air blue with newsroom rants at staff, a court has heard. On trial for an alleged conspiracy to pay public officials for stories, former Sun journalist Chris Pharo claimed that Brooks had …

… ranted to a reporter whose proposals for stories she was unhappy with — before slamming the office door behind hard that the handle broke and staff had to be set free by her PA:

“If you can’t find a f**king news list you can f**k the f**k off.”

… sent a text message to “virtually every editor on the paper” after their Murdoch stable mate exposed David Blunkett’s affair:

“The News of the World has got an agenda-setting front page story. If you f**king lot can’t come up with the same stuff I’ll f**king fire you all and replace you with them.”

Perhaps she should have taken her own advice.

While it was revealed last year that Brooks balked at paying a fee of £60,000 for the scoop of the decade — MPs’ expenses — the jury in the case was today told the apparent reason: that she couldn’t afford it after spaffing £250,000 on the rights to Katie Price’s autobiography.

What a boob.

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