Jean-Claude Juncker with Nigel Farage

UKIP leader Nigel Farage didn’t even bother turning up for his own European Parliament motion today — an attempt to censure European Commission president over his links to tax avoidance.

Jean-Claude Juncker is accused of presiding over industrial-scale avoidance by multinational companies during his tenure as president of Luxembourg. But even with support from the, errr, far-right French National Front, the motion went down to a 461 votes to 101 loss.

Could it be that hypocrite Farage had second thoughts on fronting up a motion on the issue?

In 2013 the UKIP leader was exposed for setting up an Isle of Man-based tax avoidance schemeFarage Family Education Trust 1654, with the express intention of avoiding inheritance tax on his estate.

  1. Farage gets voters because he is a protest vote in the main and because some people are worried over Immigration and where the EU is going, after all it still looks like it cannot sort out the banking mess and is heading back into recession. The poorest in society are the one who are being hammered and for me Miliband is miles from being electable and Cameron is now turning into Farage.

    I’m not sure I want to vote for any of them, I cannot vote for Miliband being disabled he only interested in hard working people.

    I still think Blair is in the back ground with his Progress mob

  2. Robert.
    Personally I believe a vote for UKIP would hit vulnerable people even harder than Labour.
    Before you and others however decide UKIP is the only vote against the parties of austerity, I would urge you to check out some of the Green Parties policies. These have been built over years of debate and adaptation to ever changing situations in our society, though at their core they remain true to their origins. I would also like you to know that Green Party policy is created and amended at conference BY THE GRASSROOTS MEMBERS. Not as is the way of all the other parties, created by the leaders and only voted on whether to implement by conference.

  3. And if you live in Wales or Scotland, you have another alternative in the form of Plaid Cymru or the SNP. The leaders of both have recently promised to work with the Greens in a radical coalition to end austerity.

  4. Oh dear, The no-confidence vote was proposed by Italian MEP Marko Zanni, of the right-wing 5 Star Movement and not Farage. But hey, why let the truth spoil another dig at UKIP!

  5. Farage is false hes a leech taking taxpayers money from tax payers vulnerable people are suffering because him milaband cameron clegg will not tell the masses the truth we need a party to lead this country forward and to tell the truth and sorry that aint ukip

  6. Farage’s UKIP is a pile of crap admittedly, but it’s the only thing on the menu to reverse some of the damage the three main franchise parties have done to Britain in order to gain unethical votes from the section of voters who are so useless that they have the time to go out and vote.

    I say we all give UKIP one chance to see if they perform what they say they will. You can’t diss them until they’ve been in majority power so vote for them and stop moaning.

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