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A Milton Keynes councillor has defended a decision to award a taxi license to a violent serial rapist, claiming the man had “done his crime, served his time”. And in a sick twist which is threatening to engulf the council’s Liberal Democrat group, the sex offender was given his character reference by … another Lib Dem councillor.

Cllr Stuart Burke and his colleagues on the town’s licensing committee knew of Nadeem Ahmed Kiani’s eight year prison sentence for multiple rapes and sexual assaults when they awarded him a private hire license in September 2011.

Though this license was temporarily suspended following an intervention from Thames Valley Police in 2012, it was reinstated in the same year. Unbelievably, Kiani was then given ANOTHER license (for black cabs) in March this year.

A report from Thames Valley to the council described Kiani’s modus operandi:

“Mr Kiani and his co-defendant would pick up prostitutes in a vehicle.

“One of them would hide in the back of the car, whilst the other negotiated a price and then had sex with the prostitute.

“A code word would then be used and the defendant in the back would come out of hiding and they would then threaten the victim with various weapons.”

Kiani and his colleague would then rape and sexually assault their victim.

While the councillor responsible for the character reference has now quit, Stuart Burke remains in position. Other Lib Dem councillors are refusing to comment, pending a meeting of their group this evening.

The scandal could also claim the scalps of other councillors on the licensing committee — depending on who voted to approve (and then reinstate) the rapist’s license.

  1. Unbelievable but then it is the LibDems who it seems are infested with sexual perverts What if this cretin strikes again are these council members going to pay damages for their (I was going to say stupidity) but I think it goes deeper than that I think the LibDems are intent on protecting any and all such perverts why? I suggest because their own ranks allegedly may be full of them

  2. These people have to make a living and once your time is done unless your going to ban them from a job, give them benefits or better still if they are a serial rapist longer sentences so they do not need to work, then what do you want them to do they have to live.

    A serial rapist one would think would be in jail not out and about seeking employment, so if you let them out they have to work,

    No matter where these people work they will have to be watched and kept on a leash or one hopes, but of course the judge gave them time, they paid their duty to society and you have to let them back into work.

  3. Disgraceful. Yes he may have to work but should not be granted a license where he can take advantage of people who may be vulnerable, on their own, and sometimes at night. Taxi drivers are in a position of trust aren’t they?

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